WiFi Map — Free Passwords APK

WiFi Map — Free Passwords
WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 1WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 2WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 3WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 4WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 5WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 6WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 7WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 8WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 9WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 10WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 11WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 12WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 13WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 14WiFi Map — Free Passwords screenshot 15
Connect to WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world!

The most popular WiFi application

*** TOP 1 in 50 countries
*** TOP 1 in Travel category in 100 countries
*** Contains to 100 million WiFi hotspots!

Features of WiFi Map:
- WiFi spots from around the world
- WiFi hotspots with tips and PASSWORDS
- Map navigation
- Real time customer support

You can contribute!
- Add WiFi hotspots and passwords
- Update old passwords
- Share WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Twitter friends

Need Wi-Fi Now?
1. Launch WiFi Map
2. The app will show the nearest WiFi hotspots with their passwords
3. Done! You are now connected to WiFi;)

Staying Online is easy:
1. Find the city you are traveling to
2. View & scroll the map around
3. That's all! Now the app can work there without the Internet

For Travelers:
# WiFi tips & passwords
# Stay connected worldwide
#1 Connectivity App for Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017

What's New in Wifi Map
WiFi Scanner
- Monitor all devices connected to your WiFi hotspot. You can evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues
- New filter allows to display the most recently added hotspots.
- Moved an option to display hotspots within your range under Settings.

You don't like Ads? We don't like them either :)
- We added an option to remove advertising forever! Finally!

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WiFi Map Website: www.wifimap.io

WiFi Map — Free Passwords APK reviews

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I loved your websit
Falakiko Taulanga review Falakiko Taulanga
I want free wifi and I don't know how can you pls text me on ig it is fala676 pls
Brendan Crawford review Brendan Crawford
Really works
Really usefull! Yeah!!! Wifi anywhere would recomend this people you should try it.
Loony Ihab review Loony Ihab
There are so many simillar apps and they are all useless. It is a waste of time .. uninstalling
Alma Garcia review Alma Garcia
Traviesa garcia
So far it's good and working like it should hopefully it stays that way
Destura Ronld review Destura Ronld
Love this apps now I can go anywhere no without seeking passwords..thanks
Arjedo Avdiu review Arjedo Avdiu
Pretty nice app
This is an amzing app finding wifi pw. Thank you for your hard work guys!
Ahmed Naeem review Ahmed Naeem
Something Is Not Good !!
This app is Helpful But. - After i Put My internet Password in this app To public Many People Can Enjoy With My internet But Now i wanna Delete My Password To Public I Can't do anything plz Help me !!
Ilyas Idris review Ilyas Idris
This app is amazing
It gives you all the Wi-Fi's in your country
Ruel Cahayagan review Ruel Cahayagan
Need to update. Many wifi can`t see even my own wifi
D Ph. review D Ph.
Works all around.
Finds good wifi connection even at not expected places.
Jitesh Motwani review Jitesh Motwani
Major updates needed
I know it wouldn't be as easy as I am saying to update the application there are. two major updates needed are. as follows: 1)you should show WiFi passwords only when the user has given its own network's name and password. This would increase the number of WiFi and passwords submitted its helpful too. 2)Whenever the user changes its password then when the user starts his application there should be an immediate prompt to enter its WiFi password. Thanks for giving me your time.
Niranjan Roy review Niranjan Roy
The app is really very good and useful. The passwords of all protected wifi connections come into view in no time. I'll recommend anyone and everyone to download this app and have a wonderful experience.
Atasi Narksri review Atasi Narksri
Really love this app when go aboard!
I know this app from my friend since we went abroad together, and we could get rid of out boring time when we connected to the internet. Nice!
Emily Patterson review Emily Patterson
Really good
Brings up WiFi near you and shows the password then you can add it!! Its great definitely a good install