Water Time Pro: drink reminder, water diet tracker APK

Water Time Pro: drink reminder, water diet tracker
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Do you drink water every day? (Not coffee or tea – just a clean water)
Do you often forget to drink water in time?
No time to keep track your water consumption?

Water Time is a simple aqua reminder and water tracker which designed for you to drink water.
Water intake will help to speed up metabolism and get water balance, improve the skin, keep the body fit and get a better health. You can look on it as on special water diet.
Do you feel headaches? Have you kidney stones?(We hope – no) In any case the water - our free doctor and prevention coach!

We specially made it for busy people. You don't have to remember about water intake? Our water reminder will alarm you to drink water in time. Water tracker “Water time” can help bring healthy habit back, maintain proper hydration and speed metabolism up immediately!

Do you know that the water intake will make the skin care much simpler, because the healthier the body is, the cleaner skin? If your doctor said: drink more water – we will help you to find a balance between hydration and dehydration by a special water diet.

Water consumption of a daily intake is calculated specially for you and will protect every cell of your body from dehydration.

You can keep track of water intake on time and in the required quantity, that can be easily changed to support any diet regime. In fact, water intake is a water diet too! Water Time can also help you normalize your water balance, cleanse the body and improve your health. Our water tracking app like a hydro “coach” has a water calculator that will calculate your approximate daily water consumption.

Just one month of using Water Time - and you will get a useful habit to drink water. Water Time will help you to unleash the power of H2O.

Benefits of it for your health:

– drink water is an effective method of combating stress and tiredness;

– water diet can clear up your skin;

– water consumption can improve your health in a few days;

– it’s beneficial to lose weight and the basis of every professional diet;

– well water intake will help you stay fit and enduring. It’s a simple water diet on its own;

– it helps prevent kidney stones;

– drinking enough water can relieve headaches.

Drink more, unleash the power of aqua, because your health is worth it!

Download the Water Time, you will appreciate:

– Intuitive interface
– Flexible settings
– Automatic calculation of the required daily norm of water consumption

Take care, drink water and your body will say "thank you" ;)

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Jennifer Callahan review Jennifer Callahan
User friendly, however I wish I didn't have problems switching the alert sound. I also wish that it would allow you to pick your own 24 hour period before it restarts. Working 3rd shift I end up missing the first 2 hours of my day.
It's so cute...the water bubble shows different emotions depending on your water consumption. You can include coffee, tea, milk and juice as well as water and customise quantity. I get a reminder noise and water bubble to remind me. Overall I'm very pleased, having tried 2 other apps first...which I uninstalled.
Angela Ogletree review Angela Ogletree
This app shows me exactly how much I drink, reminds me to drink and shows the effects of caffeine and such on my hydration levels. I use this with LoseIt! to help monitor my nutritional needs.
Eduardo Israel Osorio Hernández review Eduardo Israel Osorio Hernández
Great reminder application
Should be good if you can set a sip of water instead a whole glass or bottle. This way you could register every time you hydrate yourself instead of completing the whole bottle. For example, I leave the bottle at my desk but continue to drink water at lunch time
Kelleen Gebler review Kelleen Gebler
Easy Peasy
Love this app. I typically drink water during working hours, but this app doesn't let me forget so I'm always hydrated for sure. And on days I'm not working out is a life saver. The solution to polution is dilution. So even on days I don't eat or drink healthily, I at least feel better that I'm drinking enough water to flush the bad but stuff out. Thanks!
Kalin Rozthan review Kalin Rozthan
Love it
I drink mostly water anyway but this has helpped me lose weight. I usually drink water in big quantities a few times a day so i stay hydrated. Its easy to forget to drink water. With this app my intake is now at a good steady pace and i have lost 5 lbs in about 2 weeks just from the change of water. I cut out juice and coffee and i feel great. I recommend tjis to anyone who drinks water at an irregular basis. Plus the cute water droplet makes me wanna get him to smile. I dont like seeing him sad.
Alyssa 1822 review Alyssa 1822
Really makes you more aware
This app is great. The little dew drop guy is really cute and encourages self-care. Knowing that your body feels the same way it looks makes you want to stay hydrated.the one criticism I have is that they don't include bverages like soda and beer or other carbonated drinks. Probably because they're not a decent source of water, which makes sense. Overall, gets the job done in a fun/entertaining way.
Anita Kestel review Anita Kestel
Good app. Simple and effective. Cute water drop with face that goes from sad to happy as you deink.more water. I set my notification tone to bubbles so I am winded to deink water every hour. Helps me remember to drink when I'm in the middle of my work day.
Lisa Kingsley-Correia review Lisa Kingsley-Correia
One thing missing
This is one of the two best water apps. There is only one better for viewing data, but let's face it not as fun as the little water buddy and his faces which is why I've stayed with this app. The one thing lacking is a graph or an easy visual way to see improvement. I know you can view history, but for visual people a list of numbers isn't very helpful. Add a feature to view data/statistics in a graph form please!
Erika Gamez review Erika Gamez
Would you add a widget of the adorable water drop saying "Drink water!" Overall this app is great!
Amy Reay review Amy Reay
I searched for a water app for quite a while after changing phones and losing the one I liked. I couldn't find that one but found a bunch I didn't! I tried this one skeptically and am so glad! It is easy, has different drink options (even milk) it calculates for my beloved coffee and it's really cute to boot! I just downloaded it again on my newest phone. Thanks for a great ap!
Iris Glas review Iris Glas
Great app and concept. Interface is easy to use. I'd just like a little more options for drinks. I drink a lot of no-sugar lemonade or soft drinks. It'd be great if those and sugared drinks were added. And caffeine free tea :) To prevent the app from being filled with all sorts of drinks, you could make it possible for people to check the most used drinks in the settings.
Conny Lenz review Conny Lenz
This app is great! Easy to use and really cute! I don't really understand how to use the exercise portion of the app...do I click it when I do any exercise at all during the day? The required water intake increases, so I want to make sure I'm using it properly. I agree with other commenta too, please include alcohol and soda (coke, fanta, pepsi, etc.). Thank you!
Daniella Sapozhnikova review Daniella Sapozhnikova
This app is super helpful. Its free, reminds you frequently enough to drink water that I drink 8 cups everyday. Its super cute with a little water buddy to help you remember to drink enough water. It sets little water goals for you. It even has other options like tea, juice, and coffee, taking those into account for how much you should drink. Its really great.
I never thought about drinking water, I would always drink soda or energy drinks. This app simply reminding me periodically encouraged me to drink water and now I have more energy than soda or energy drinks have ever given me. All I drink is water (with the exception of an occasional propel). The best part is that its free!