Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla APK

Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla
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Jadwal Sholat - Prayer Times is an app that will show you the muslim daily pray schedule based on user location. Some app features:
1. Prayer schedule calculation using selected calculation method. The app will try detect the best method for you, but you can always change it later.
2. Various pray notification choices. You can choice using alarm Azaan or just using standard notification to be reminded of pray time.
3. Countdown to next prayer time with appropriate colors to show how close you are to next pray time.
4. Qibla compass to show direction where kaaba (mecca).

Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla APK reviews

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bramdanal setiawan review bramdanal setiawan
Aplikasi bermanfaat untuk mengingatkan waktu sholat
Richard adam review Richard adam
Why my azaan wont playing when pray time ? Please help
Rahmat Baskara review Rahmat Baskara
Great app, helped me very much
Andi Suhandi review Andi Suhandi
Mengingatkan kewajiban kita kpd Allah
Arif Surahman review Arif Surahman
Ane suka fitur nya ..
Stanley Tan review Stanley Tan
Love it, but small suggestion
On subur notification, add minutes before terbit will be nice as a constant reminder. Compass not working on Xperia Z1. Keep saying not calibrated while my Google map compass works perfectly fine.
Nugraha Adi Putra review Nugraha Adi Putra
Adzan notification
Adzan notification not worked on my samsung note4, android 5.1.1
dimas teguh Prakosa review dimas teguh Prakosa
Bagus sekali
Sangat membantu dan bermanfaat
abu hafidz review abu hafidz
jazakumullahu khoiron, aplikasi ini banyak membantu dlm ibadah sholat maupun puasa.
Ari Satiarso review Ari Satiarso
Simple for using
Sangat membantu dan mudah digunakan
Alfil Putra review Alfil Putra
Insha Allah
May Allah granted us his paradise.
Tahir Javed review Tahir Javed
Adhan is not playing no my phone samsung s4
Imran Iqbal review Imran Iqbal
Good work
It does what I paid for.
Faza Alhakim review Faza Alhakim
Cant set location. Zenfone 5!!
azka alifha review azka alifha
Why should open app to begin notofication ? Any miss in setting?,