VELOZ Police 3D
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Accelerate, Shoot, Reload and Arrest all Criminals as Fast as you Can!!!

VELOZ Police 3D is a free police pursuit game with many missions to complete!!!
it's easy to Play, you must drive the police car, find and arrest all Criminals around the city, you have Machine Guns to help you out!!!

- Police Cars to Choose
- Police Officers to Choose
- Different Machine Guns to use
- Many Missions
- Many Criminals to arrest
- 3D Game

Download the game for free and have Fun!!!

VELOZ Police 3D APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Daniel Carrada review Daniel Carrada
Its actually fun
Its really fun even do it glitches sometimes like ones i code not shoot and i do whish there were more cars and if you lose you have to start over butt its really fun best police game. I have ever played till now
Nancy Barraza review Nancy Barraza
I cant wate to try this game!!!!
I dont know if i put a 2 thumbs up or 2 thumbs down so dont tell me if i put them up or down i hate this game the guns are frozen
Cristina Hatt review Cristina Hatt
Its kind of good kind of bad because it will not shoot the bad guy and it is good because it has a lot of sirens and horns
Maddie Pope review Maddie Pope
Its cool
It is a really cool game and it is very easy to shoot them and it is very cool and fun
Alicia Mumbi review Alicia Mumbi
I just love the game must play it every day your games have no problem with them super.
Robert Arunarsirakul review Robert Arunarsirakul
Not very fun
They only have lights on only three cars and three weapons that dont tell u which ones better
Eric Edwards review Eric Edwards
Can't wait to try it out hope it`s fun
Po po
Skyler Allen Jr. review Skyler Allen Jr.
<span dir=ارمان وفایی review"> ارمان وفایی
تا میرم تو بازی میادش سریع بیرون،،اخه بگو دیوس این بازیارو میزارید این جا ما دانلود کنیم،حیف این همه مگ که رفتش،،ریدم تو دهنه یکی یکی تون
Christine Farewell review Christine Farewell
I ate when the police car go's to slow
carla Jones review carla Jones
The Best
Is so cool I love it???????????????????????????❤
Ja'Mia Thomas review Ja'Mia Thomas
Jamia Treasure
It's cool and I should bye it but no I'm ok
Tristan Shoemake review Tristan Shoemake
Car goes to fast and to slow
Michelle Cox review Michelle Cox
All fine add more weapons and get money more ways quicker and when you beep your horn or sirens cars move out of the way quick