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Universal Book Reader provides a comfortable and customizable reading experience for your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to read all EPUB and PDF books. The application navigation is easy with a simple, yet beautiful design.


• Beautiful reading experience - Page flipping with animations, slide transitions or no transition.
• Intuitive and fast navigation - scroll slider, page pointer, table of contents and volume button page control to help you browse your books.
• Customizable reading experience - multiple font types and sizes, brightness adjustment, and page orientation settings.
• Easy on the eyes night reading mode.
• Search your book for specific phrases or words.
• Bookmark pages for quick reference later. Highlight text or leave notes for later use.
• Localized in 12 languages - Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.


• Convert azw, azw3, cbc, cbr, cbz, chm, docx, fb2, lit, lrf, mobi, pdb, pml, prc, rb, tcr and txt to ePub
• Convert ai, bmp, csv, djvu, doc, dwg, dxf, eps, gif, jpg, odg, odp, ods, odt, pcx, png, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, psd, pub, rtf, svg, tga, tiff, wbmp, webp, wmf, wpd, wps, xlr, xls, xlsx and xps to PDF


• Bookcase view allows you to add new collections with custom thumbnails and switch between several library views to browse through your collection.
• Longpress to multiselect and easily organize your books.
• Integrated file browser - quickly browse and import your own EPUB and PDF books from your device, and also import entire folders of e-books.
• Books can be received as email attachments and imported to UB Reader from the Preview option of the email client.
• Sort books by title, author, or recent use.
• Filter by currently reading books to focus on what's important right now.


• Ad free reading.
• Text-to-Speech support.
• Lock (password protect) specific books in your library.
• Create direct shortcuts to books on your home screen.

Universal Book Reader will quickly become your favorite book reading buddy!

Universal Book Reader APK reviews

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Richard Palmer review Richard Palmer
The last update got rid of the "recently read" section so now every time I open the app I have to scroll through 50 odd books to find what I was reading If they don't bring it back I'll probably switch
Ayla Fioretti review Ayla Fioretti
I love UB Reader as it's so great but I hate this new update. It looks terrible. It was fine before. ?
Petro Lamprecht review Petro Lamprecht
Enjoy reading on the app but since the update I cant move any books in to collections. Keeps crashing!! :( please fix.
Zoran Milenkovic review Zoran Milenkovic
I like the new view, though it's sometimes hard to read the white titles of collections on bright cover pictures, would be nice if you added outlined font, still waiting on that .mobi support too
Giancarlo Roversi review Giancarlo Roversi
The new update is not good. Visually it was better older versions. Also, it would be fine with more than 10 slots for recently read books.
Khātun .H review Khātun .H
I hate the new update I loved it before the update ? now I can't change the covers of the book the older update you can.
Nick Calder review Nick Calder
I think the application is terrific. I even went and purchased the premium edition because I thought it deserved the small investment. I'm only rating it four stars and not five because - from my experience - Google Books has screwed this application. I purchased a book from Google Books, had to go through the whole issue of going to an Adobe program to be able to download the book to epub Now... when I go to use the book, it says "No internet connection". Funny that it loaded all the free Google Books... just not the one I purchased. I don't think this is a reflection on UB Reader but until someone can explain why, my rating stays at four and not five. Seriously I am considering dumping this and going to Adobe but I like this app... its is really good
James Ant review James Ant
Reader is kinda lame very boring can't change anything and what you offer for in the payed version doesn't make it worth it. Other apps have way more options on their free versions. Split screen in portrait would be nice along with too many other to list ATM.
Corey Davis review Corey Davis
Don't lists to ad complainera
Very little ads, And the ones you get don't interrupt reading,none are unskippable videos. Love this app. I've chewed through over 25,000 pages with this app. If your screen doesn't get dim enough if you are reading before bed, the app has an excellent brightness setting. You have options to change your pages and you can increase or decrease font size. If you pay for the upgrade, you can read mobis and there is an option for the app to read the book for you, it isn't for me, but if you have eye trouble these options are great for not wasting 300 MB on an audio book. Thanks for the wonderful hours reading, and thank you for not riddling your application with ads every 15 pages.
Anton Sivic review Anton Sivic
(updated on 16 11 2017)Latest update solved crashing issues. Sorry guys for spamming you with error reports. Still don't know about new look...kinda preferred old classic theme. Anyway...app now works as I was used to it to work...flawless! Great job guys! P.S. no major updates in near future please ?
Melissa Brown review Melissa Brown
I have many eBook files and I wanted a reader I could read ALL my different eBooks in one place, and import them from my SD card. They have many different file extensions. I like this reader, however, they charge you to convert the books. I am not paying again for a book I already purchased just to be able to read it in this reader. Functionality wise it works good on my epubs and pdfs. Just wish it would open and read all my files without charging me to convert them. :\
Golden Star review Golden Star
Can not find tiff file so this app can not read a tiff book.
Heather Johnson review Heather Johnson
Best for importing from sd card
I have tried MANY epub readers, but this is the only one I've found that nearly-effortlessly allows me to import from my sd card. You can convert books free online, so no worry about paying to convert to epub or PDF for UB. For all of this available for free, I do not mind the ads; however, do note that quite a few have sound. Make sure your media volume is low, off, or you're somewhere that it doesn't matter if it plays. I've almost awoken my husband returning to the library due to ads.
Brandon Young review Brandon Young
Works well for most epub files.
Ghiles Sidi Saïd review Ghiles Sidi Saïd
Great app
I'm a daily user of the app and I really like it, but I have a question and a suggestion. The question: I have noticed an ad appear whose content was related to the theme of the book I was reading, is that a coincidence or do you collect and use information from the app that way? The suggestion: it would be really useful if there was a set of available thumbnails we could use directly from the app for common book categories such as politics, economics, science... instead of searching for images ourselves.