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Rocket to the finish line in Turbo FAST, the top mobile racing game!

Challenge your friends for slick shell upgrades and delicious tomato prize pools!

Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride!

Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the Leaderboards!

Get special premium racers Turbo and the rest of the Fast Action Stunt Team!


• 13 unique race tracks to test your skills
• Challenge Mode: go head to head against your friends to win delicious tomatoes!
• Special Race Events: Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom and Rival Races
• Thousands of performance & design combinations: Shell upgrades, new paint jobs and neon glows
• Pre-race mods enable you to improve your performance with things like extra speed, fuel and time
• Ability to record your greatest race moments, watch on instant replay and share with your friends
• Optional Facebook and Twitter posting to show off your tricked-out shell and best scores
• Leaderboards show how you rank amongst your friends and all the top players

Visit teamturbofast.com for extra features and to view the hit series Turbo FAST on Netflix!

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Turbo FAST APK reviews

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Job Thamaini review Job Thamaini
Quite good
Its 3D no glitches(which is saying alot)..nd the upgrades are awesome,not giving it a 5 star coz the races are kinda difficult?
Leon Wozlonis review Leon Wozlonis
Rip off
Paid $10 for all snails got an update and now there all gone .......rip off don't purchase ANYTHING u don't wanna lose
Elisabeth Thompson review Elisabeth Thompson
Love the game
It is so cool you can make awesome shells. And you can get turbo fast cool
Alex Frias review Alex Frias
It's ok but
Every time I have my character fully upgrade the other opponent still wins me by 10 seconds I don't get it
A.h. Saif review A.h. Saif
My tilt option doesn't work
I put the control on tilt but the tilt control isn't working. I can play other tilt games like In to the dead but the tilt option for turbo doesn't work...... Fix it quickly
Franco Ronfini review Franco Ronfini
Will rate better once I get my refund can't use any characters from the 10 racers besides the count tickula and the others that arent snails
Kalvin Fernando review Kalvin Fernando
About connecting to Google play
I was connected to Google play before , I've purchased some racers that is costs 8.000 tomatoes earlier, but now i have to collect 40.000 more tomatoes to purchase it just because i can't connect to Google play and can't restore my progress. Pls fix this, I really like this game actually..
Caesar Daffa review Caesar Daffa
Hello from Indonesia.
So far this game is very very good . I love it Turbo Fast and I love this movie too. I have Skidmark and Smoove Move. I love those guy,because i like those shell. It is very cool and amazing.
Khyzran Abbasi review Khyzran Abbasi
I love this game
The game is very fun I like this game its fun in it I love this game when I start this game its so fun
A Google User review A Google User
nice game
Its super cool that Turbo is not the only fast snail in the game and its also cool that there are insects for racing also.....I liked the game
FlooringKalliton Inc review FlooringKalliton Inc
The best game
the game because you did choose the be boy or a girl and it doesn't freeze and you can choose what you want your snail to look like.
Nasty Nutzo review Nasty Nutzo
Kindle Fire?
My kids love you this game, but can't play it on their kindle fire HDS so they are constantly stealing our phones....
Miles Chase review Miles Chase
Loved it
It reminds me so much of the movie, but I wish you didn't have to spend money on movie characters
Mahabub Niloy review Mahabub Niloy
You fucked of developer....if you just won't let us even open the game without updating then f**k you...cause the new update is full of lagging and shit....
TD Super Fan 101 review TD Super Fan 101
Awesome game
Its a really fun game, and a good time-killer. The only problem is how long it takes to download, and the adds. Other than that its AWESOME, and you should download it.