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The official mobile app from Starbucks Thailand. The Starbucks (R) Thailand app makes it easy and convenient to pay for your favorite drinks and food. Rewards are built right in, so you'll collect Stars and start earning rewards with each purchase.

Other features include:
* Manage your My Starbucks Rewards (TM) account
* View or transfer your balance on your Starbucks Cards
* Use "Shake to Pay" function to get card barcode & scan to pay for your order
* Report your Starbucks Card lost or stolen
* Choose to set your Passcode Lock
* Locate the nearest stores
* Receive the latest news and promotions within the Messages feature

Starbucks Thailand APK reviews

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suchada saereeprayoon review suchada saereeprayoon
Bad user experience. Strongly not rec
I strongly don't recommend this app to anyone. 2 issues: 1) The "pay with app" function doesn't really work. I ended up having to use the physical card/cash many times 2) Today (20/10/15) I received a notification from the app saying, "We apologise for the incorrect (msg cut off)" so I tried to access the app but it got stuck on the loading page and kept bouncing me off. So I reinstalled the app and now I can't even log in to my account. Pls fix this. Thanks.
Aey Lorgrailert review Aey Lorgrailert
More data
Want to have nutritional facts and calorie consume per glass shown in the app.
Kttinut Bhundhoombhoad review Kttinut Bhundhoombhoad
cannot log in
force closed, force log off from system
Nirut Pongudom review Nirut Pongudom
เติมเงินผ่าน App ไม่ได้ แก้ไขด้วยนะครับ
Prince Kitty review Prince Kitty
Log in ไม่ได้
โหลดนานมากกก และLog in ไม่ได้
Um Sittha review Um Sittha
วันนี้ Login ไม่ได้
Login ไม่ได้เลยครับ
Pattrick Pong review Pattrick Pong
app keep restarting all the time
Marcus Shoot review Marcus Shoot
The app works awfully everytime I need to sign in to make a payment
Kittiphong Pholpipatanaphong review Kittiphong Pholpipatanaphong
It's not working for Huawei Mate 9 with Android 8. After sign in, term & condition screen is blank.
Khoson Chantaraviwat review Khoson Chantaraviwat
crash too many times especially in the day that have promotion.
Chaimongkon Yutakom review Chaimongkon Yutakom
Can I add one more card ?
Wanchalerm Yuphasuk review Wanchalerm Yuphasuk
Login ไม่ได้ส่ง mail rest pass ช้า ละก็ rest ไม่ได้อีก ดูห่วยไปนะ
Phurush Ongsri review Phurush Ongsri
Slow, crashing, lack of stability
Zirius Raine review Zirius Raine
Login but Terms and Condition page not loading cannot use this app
Mozilla Ba review Mozilla Ba
Nice-looking, but completely broken in term of operational.