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Our Starbucks app for Android links to your registered Starbucks Card, so you can pay for purchases (and earn Stars) through your phone. You can also reload your card balance, find your nearest store, learn of our latest promotions and more. It’s all here in our newest app for Android.

Starbucks Singapore APK reviews

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Chao Feng review Chao Feng
so UGLY but no other option if you need a mobile Starbucks app
if there is a rating lower than 1 start I would give this app that. This app is just a lame copy from the iPhone Starbucks app design. Of course I'm happy finally there is a mobile Starbucks app for me to track all my cards on my android phone. But this really cannot serve my visual needs. Functionality wise it's not that good either. Anyway this sucks.
Lawrence Lim review Lawrence Lim
App generally works fine, lags are quite common but usually not bad enough to make the app force close. My only gripe is that when you click on a dot on the map in the 'Stores' tab, the information given in the card is almost always wrong after the first time and after that as well.
Xuanhao Tan review Xuanhao Tan
Terrible ugly UI, please update
Update to the Android one used by the other countries, it looks so much better than the ported experience from iOS!
Charles josh review Charles josh
promising app, but please fire the app dev company you work with. laggy + unable to edit and key in details in some of the fields, like security code/mobile number.
Halfy Hamzah review Halfy Hamzah
Kudos to Starbucks team, Android users are now able to login to the much awaited mobile app. I have yet to try to pay via scanning but it's much useful and convenient now. I wish to see a 'Change Password' option to be made available within the app. Thanks for making it happen to both mobile platforms. (;
I can't even sign up....keeps telling me invalid email...i have been trying 3 email address and yet still invalid... disappointed
Edwin Lim review Edwin Lim
This app needs to be reworked!
Dear Starbucks although Iam quite glad you came up an app for android, I think it still needs work Firstly under manage my account, I have to rekey my details. Isn't this supposed to be linked with my registered account? Secondly, even if I had to key in my details again, I could not even key in the fields like postal code and even date of birth. Thirdly, your FAQ says I could report my card lost under manage my account. Where is that option? Its so buggy that i dun have enough space to write.
1 Rachelic review 1 Rachelic
Invalid email after sign-up. Cannot log-in. Tried the website. Even though, it was stated to check my email for registration confirmation but since yesterday night I have received none so how should i activate when that is the only way.
Axel SC review Axel SC
Its a good one but a lousy one too
Good in store locate and tracking of card but lousy on coffee blend choice (should list instead of questions). Lousy as it will need login again n again. May cos ny case of scolding cust/cs problem. Poor in news notifications but no way to check back.
Yukino Joceyln review Yukino Joceyln
Erm... I having problems with the lights suddenly went to Max when I press the reward. And also the problems with my star reward is not accurate. Please solve this.
Zhiming Heng review Zhiming Heng
Finally landed on Android for Singapore users!
At last I can see and manage my Starbucks cards on Android devices, previously only on iOS! Tested on Android Kitkat v4.4.x and Lollipop v5.0.x and it's working seamlessly! Yet to test the touch to pay option though! Thanks Starbucks SG! :)
Saphira Low review Saphira Low
It's been about a month, and I'm still not able to log in on the updated version. This isn't the first time this happens after an update. Buggy much?
Luna review Luna
Unable to log in from Samsung phone. App keeps prompting invalid email or password even after I keyed in the CORRECT email and password. I tried logging in from the internet and it went through. So my email and password were CORRECT but it still kept failing to log in via this App.
Jackson Neo review Jackson Neo
Simply terrible. I've resetted my password 5 times at one go, with the correct email that is registered to my card and I just cannot log in. All I get is a invalid email/password notification, when evidently I've keyed in the right stuff. Irritating to no end.
Jason Wong review Jason Wong
Tried to reload my Starbucks card with my credit card, and it kept failing. I checked my bank and there is nothing wrong with my credit card. Looks like your mobile app does not like foreign credit cards. Please look into this issue and a fix immediately. Thank you.