Starbucks Malaysia APK

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Start earning rewards for free beverage, food or whole bean coffee with every purchase, right in the app.

Pay In-Store
Pay for your order or redeem rewards using the app at any Starbucks store in Malaysia.

Earn Rewards
Track purchases to redeem rewards for beverage, food of whole bean coffee.

Manage Account
Easily manage card balances, reload or transfer balance, and view your account history.

Discover What's New
Be the first to learn about new promotions at Starbucks Malaysia.

Find a Store
Locate stores near you, view opening hours, and get directions.

Starbucks Malaysia APK reviews

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Phye Boon Chew review Phye Boon Chew
Login issue!
The app doesn't allow me to login. It says "Requires internet connection...". I've removed and reinstalled but the problem persists. Fix it!
Karen Voon review Karen Voon
Error: No internet connection
I do have internet connection but there's something wrong with your app. Can't use app even when I hv $$. Fix it pls
Darren Wen review Darren Wen
Notification / reminder
Please add reward reminder, I keep loosing reward. And please fix in app card top up.
Message not receive
Receiving notificaton,about current promotion..but when open up application,there is no new message are the same time,problem on connection,evento the phone is already connected to the internet...I hope sbmy will take action asap...
Nabil Ghazali review Nabil Ghazali
Needs Internet connection to proceed login
I think the app having a bug. Im using my own wifi and data but still cannot login my account.
Liza Leong review Liza Leong
Slow response
Everytime i go to the balance page or do any action that goes back and forth to the balance page , it takes so long to load. Not convenient when I'm at the counter and many ppl queuing behind me!!!
Charmayne Pan review Charmayne Pan
This app is suck! After updated the new version it's become useless and seems like no one taking care of the app server. What's the use of this app while it's cant log in and keep asking u to key in your password but the app got problem? Useless app ever! Even new updates on 30 Nov still the same issue!!
Winter Ng review Winter Ng
The App should has the function of default card for multiple cards user. Thanks
Jacky Chong review Jacky Chong
Can online topup
Ng Khai Yi review Ng Khai Yi
Failed to log in after installed & I still can login to my account through internet website. 5 times failed & straightaway locked my account. WORST APPS that I have ever seen before!!! Starbucks, pls take immediate action!!!
Adam Kee Ooi Yuen review Adam Kee Ooi Yuen
I love the new design language! Things are arranged in a more modern method. There are 2 design flaw though. The description text box in the splash screen should be adjusted to make it looks more centralized instead of long and spread out to the left and right side. Secondly, the motion slides at the top of the left menu don't fit properly inside the frame.
Peh ChuenKeong review Peh ChuenKeong
Useless.. I can't buy Starbucks with the apps anymore.. keep asking me to key in the correct password, doesn't have problem with the web. Seems like most of the people have this same damn problem!!
Yap Ce review Yap Ce
The worst app ever!!! Register but can't log in~ Ask for reset password, remain the same and never get email.
Zainal Abas review Zainal Abas
Just faillllll to load my balance. Just keep circling and circling and circling. The old apps is 100% better
Khairul Isa review Khairul Isa
Failed to reload. Keep circling until the end of world !