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The official mobile application for Starbucks(R) Indonesia. Starbucks(R) ID for Android(TM) is a fast, convenient way to pay and manage your account. Rewards are built right in, so you'll collect Stars and start earning rewards with each purchase.

Other features:
* View, transfer or reload your balance on your Starbucks Cards
* Track and redeem rewards
* View the latest promotions
* Browse through our menu
* Locate the nearest stores

Starbucks Indonesia APK reviews

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Edison Vincentius review Edison Vincentius
Too Many Restriction on Creating Password
I got very frustrated on creating an account because of the restrictions on passwords. There are just too many requirements that make me feel off with the app. I know the developer wanted to app to be have safety as possible, but when there are too many specific details on how to create an account & password, well, that just annoying.
tanaka galea review tanaka galea
Too many bugs
Masih banyak yg harus di perbaikin apps nya. 1. Kalau setiap buka apps nya harus refresh biar saldo nya keluar. 2. Mau add card ga bisa. 3 cek kartu lain selalu loading padahal pakai wifi. 4 cek reward ga update (loading terus). 5 mau update image juga ga bisa. 6. Menu yg di apps ga lengkap. 7. Jadwal open close di store kurang
lucem bearer review lucem bearer
Crash and long to load
Rewards menu crashes the app, and other menus take ages to load. Oh and my balance is 0
henry parasian review henry parasian
Butuh banyak perbaikan
Info rewards & balance gak bisa update, justru hang. Lebih cepat melalui web. Fix it please.
Tetha Seth review Tetha Seth
Crash and new!
Oh man! Having this app makes tracking my card easier! One small complaint, though. My rewards. Every time I open it, it crashes. And It didn't load(?). I understand that this app is new, so some minor early app bugs must exist. So, I'm hoping you would take this review to consideration! And thank you for your time! :D
Hendry Hexian review Hendry Hexian
Berguna tapi....
Berguna sih jd simple tetapi syg terlalu lama untuk pengaksesan ke server tdk secepat menggunakan web dan untuk quitnya bila menggunakan back maka sangat lama sehingga hrs gunakan close force. Sebaiknya di perbaiki biar lbh sempurna dan sy akan ksh bintang 5.
Bobby Harsono review Bobby Harsono
No trx history appeared on my screen, just blank...
E-fun review E-fun
What's this even made for, smh
Joko Sulistyo review Joko Sulistyo
Diningtyas Dian P review Diningtyas Dian P
While I find the apps works just okay, I find it super weird and uncommon to display credit / debit cards number on its first digits. Usually, the last for digits, wasn't it? This is annoy. I used to see my last digits, and when I have to match the first digits, it is very unlikely. Why though? You displayed the first AND the last digits of the Starbucks cards. Why display the first digits of payment card?
Wenny Hendriana review Wenny Hendriana
No matter how many times i bought the baverages and the food, the reward start does not adding and i'm stuck with 8 start and my previous 1 free reward baverages. And the food star does not adding as well. So what is the app function then when stated it will made all the card user will be losing benefit.
Lina Lala review Lina Lala
The card image not showing... I have more than 2 cards and it makes me confuse which card is which -_- have to check the card number 1 by 1, please fix
Welling Jacobes review Welling Jacobes
My rewards dissapeared as others said. App is also horrible at keeping transaction history always dissapearing and reappearing. Very inconsistent app.
M Habib review M Habib
I hve bought 8+ beverages. Buttttt my star stuck at 10 asfck
Jessica Tania review Jessica Tania
Why the apps keep crash after i click pay button :(:(:( i can't use my apps for payment ==