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The official mobile application for Starbucks® India. The Starbucks® India mobile app is the fastest and most convenient way to pay, earn Stars, redeem Rewards and much more.

Features include:
* Quick and convenient payment
* Register for My Starbucks Rewards™ with an eCard
* Track and redeem Rewards
* View, transfer or reload your balance on your Starbucks Cards
* Locate your nearest Starbucks store in India
* View the latest promotions
* Receive special offers and messages
* Explore our menu and discover your favourite beverage and food

Starbucks India APK reviews

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rushikesh parekh review rushikesh parekh
I don't know why but the app works really slowly. It's not bandwidth or processing power issues it just isn't working right.
Ayush Gupta review Ayush Gupta
Please refactor your code. Whenever I try to sign up, in the password section, no matter what password I set, it always tells me that the passwords do not match. I have checked multiple times, still the same. Fix this please.
Karan Patel review Karan Patel
After the latest update, the app has gotten very laggy and signs me out all the time. Please fix it
Akshay Jain review Akshay Jain
I am stuck on get started page. Such poor quality application was not expected from "STARBUCKS". Spend some bucks, you need a good developer.
Akshay Sant review Akshay Sant
Overall app is good. Easy to use. Able to see all rewards. Can easily maintain account. No problem while recharge. Improvement needed on 2G and 3G network. Just prices of beverage and food items too and option to order through App like Starbucks USA.
Abhisekh Jain review Abhisekh Jain
Getting stuck on the start page. Please rectify it asap. This is wierd. I am not able to login on my account here. Please look into the issue