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Starbucks Deutschland
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Die Starbucks App für Android bietet die schnellste und einfachste Art deine Einkäufe bei Starbucks zu bezahlen und dabei sammelst du noch Sterne im My Starbucks Rewards Treueprogramm.

- Bezahlen: Nutze dein Android handy um deine Einkäufe in allen teilnehmenden Coffee Houses zu bezahlen. Überprüfe das Guthaben auf deiner Starbucks Card, lade deine Starbucks Card auf, überprüfe die Transaktionshistorie und übertrage Guthaben von einer Starbucks Card auf eine andere.
- Vorteile: Überprüfe dein My Starbucks Rewards Konto auf gutgeschriebene Belohnungen z.B. Gratisgetränke.
- Coffee House Suche: Finde das nächste Coffee House in deiner Umgebung, den Weg dorthin und die Öffnungszeiten
- Posteingang: Erhalte interessante Nachrichten und spezielle Angebote von Starbucks

Starbucks Deutschland APK reviews

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Mathias Homann review Mathias Homann
Good idea... but: - the balance that it shows in my acocunt does not update until i logout on the app and log back in - does not work outside germany (at least a 'find me the nearest cafe latte' should not be too hard)
Konstantin Miller review Konstantin Miller
Crashes most the time
The app keeps crashing most of the time. Particularly annoying when I'm trying to pay with it. Starbucks, can't you afford better developers??
Philipp Grunwald review Philipp Grunwald
Das App ist optisch ganz nett, leider zeigt es aber bereits seit Monaten ein überhöhtes / falsches Guthaben an, sowie Rewards die mir nicht zustehen und die ich auch nicht einlösen kann. Dazu kommt, dass ich aufgrund der Vergangenheit zwei Kartennummern habe, was das ganze noch unübersichtlicher macht. Auflade-Historie gibt es nicht und das Enddatum meines Gold-Status scheint auch nicht korrekt zu sein.
Avi Spencer review Avi Spencer
Please Help
This App has a great look and embodies a great idea, it is well structured and easy to use. Great job, one can now ad a credit card. The problem is that when I try to add my physical card to the rewards area, the app quits.... So I can pay with the app but not view my rewards.
Dominik Jan Schott review Dominik Jan Schott
Less buggy
When trying to add my Starbucks Card it crashes every time due to a severe bug pressumably. En- or disabling the location and having or not having a credit card registered changes nothing. Adding a virtual card is possible, but this can be charged by credit card only. So far I could not use this app to buy a single item, despite trying for days. UPDATE: After registering my card in the web browser I could more or less use it, but it didn't work when on a trip to the UK. Just Germany? o(>< )o
Sabine Haessler review Sabine Haessler
Worked perfectly in first few months but wont let me log in now anymore.
Sebastian K review Sebastian K
Starbucks is such a wealthy company but their Bonus Programme in Germany is so stingy. 30 coffee for 1 free drink. HAHAHA. Starbucks Japan is so much better. Top up your Card with 50 euro and you get one drink free.... come on Starbucks Deutschland, learn a lesson from Japan.
A Google user review A Google user
First it didn't accept my email because I think it was registered in the US already. Password reset worked in German but app didn't work afterwards. Registered with a new account now it does not accept billing address and says unknown error.
Debora B review Debora B
I can't even save a credit card because every time I try to save my billing address a window pops up and say "Something went wrong". Totally frustrating
Arpad Ikuma Csizmazia review Arpad Ikuma Csizmazia
ging seit Jahren problemlos, auf einmal seit einigen Tagen keine Anmeldung mehr moeglich, als ich noch angemeldet war, konnte ich das Guthaben nicht mehr aufladen. Einzige Fehlermeldung in etwa "Hoppla, da ist etwas schief gelaufen"...
Myka Ktrell review Myka Ktrell
for my coffee without the need for cash is what I really like about this app. If only every SB shop in Germany offered the pay-by-app option! Edit: The barcode won't load sometimes, number is there but not the graphic. This has been happening more frequently in the past two or three months. Very annoying when standing in front of the waiting cashier, with a growing line of impatient other customers behind me.
Steph J review Steph J
can no longer reload my card with my credit card despite uninstalling/logging out several times.
Chris Turchin review Chris Turchin
Cannot reload card. Useless now.
Robert Moszczynski review Robert Moszczynski
Zip field crashes the app.
Ray-Allen Taylor review Ray-Allen Taylor
Update: constantly crashing at start... Cant do nothing with it anymore. Cache deleted, data deleted, reinstalled,.. Nothing helped. Can't see my stars/rewards. I had soooo many coffees even the barista was wondering that my usual extra shots where still charged... And the app does not give any information about that at all... That sucks, for it is a main reason having the app in the first place.... Needs serious work, or a better ui, in case I was to dumb to find my star stats within the benefits tab lol