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Welcome to the official Starbucks China app.
The new era of exclusive Starbucks Mobile Pay is here! Download or upgrade to the new version of the Starbucks app for a fast and convenient way to enhance your Starbucks experience.
My Starbucks Rewards
Keep track of your Stars, rewards, and membership level anytime, anywhere.

Add a My Starbucks Rewards Card
Add a My Starbucks Rewards Card to your existing account in an instant and enjoy the new card’s rewards right away.

Add a Starbucks Gift Card
Add a Starbucks Gift Card to your account and pay, check transactions history, and manage your cards from your phone.

Virtual My Starbucks Rewards Card
Simply present the in-app QR code in your mobile phone to earn Stars and redeem rewards. Now your My Starbucks Rewards Card is with you at all times!

Store Locator
Locate, get directions and check-in to the closest Starbucks location near you.

Receive the latest information on new Starbucks products and promotions.

Starbucks China APK reviews

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Robert Earley review Robert Earley
Install failure on HTC E9+
The app downloads but fails to install properly on HTC E9+. Tried to install from play store as well as Starbucks China website, same result, unspecified error.
Dennis Partridge review Dennis Partridge
Cannot login
Failed to allow me to login EVER. While most screens are in English you are occasionally faced with a screen in Chinese.
Valerie Olson review Valerie Olson
Don't waste your time.
Installed app on my Samsung Android but it couldn't find a store because it was in Chinese. Very dissatisfied.
Isabell Major review Isabell Major
installed app, can't log in, system won't tab to the password box. in addition, the login boxes are in chinese.
Naty Miranda review Naty Miranda
Star bucks
I need a Carmel ice coffee cold
Valentino Shvenke review Valentino Shvenke
Login doesn't work
Although I cannot read Chinese I still tried to use the app but I couldn't even log in. Horrible app, they should either fix the bugs wrong with it or take it out of play store and replace with user friendly starbucks app.
ted gowrie review ted gowrie
Why do I want to hassel with the Chinese version? Where is this app for android in English?
Elaura Ligon review Elaura Ligon
Doesn't let you log in, says your information is wrong when you're 100% sure its right. Can't even send an email confirmation.
Stuart Hemming review Stuart Hemming
Sign in! In Chinese?
Title says it all. Why on earth would an international company like Starbucks fail to notice that the app requires users to read Chinese? Uninstalled
Tina Dandridge review Tina Dandridge
Just wow
I was waiting to use the app, but instead it was Chinese. Uninstalled.
Chisa Kato review Chisa Kato
Please,make Japanese version.
A Google User review A Google User
Can't even sign in
I have a Samsung phone and a Samsung tablet running the same exact software and I can get the main app on my phone but not on my tablet. When I go to log in I get sent to a page in Chinese. I would love to know Chinese but I don't. I clicked buttons until I go to the log in page in English and I know I put in my information correctly (I checked on my laptop) and it told me I had the incorrect information. When I clicked forgot password and put in my email it said send failed.
高志鹏 review 高志鹏
Can't work in lollipop, update ok?
Terrence Squier review Terrence Squier
Not worth the work.
Erika Watson review Erika Watson
Wish it worked
How about creating an app for my tablet? I have it on my phone but sometimes, I walk out without it. Access for all my devices would be much appreciated. Gold member since 2010