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The Starbucks App is a convenient way to pay in store with your phone. Rewards are just at your fingertips! You’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase.
Join Starbucks Rewards
Register your Starbucks Card in the app and start collecting Stars today – delicious rewards and special offers are waiting!

Add money to your Starbucks Card
Reload your Starbucks Card with a few clicks by your credit card or bank transfer.

Pay by phone
Save time and earn Stars by paying with the Starbucks app. Enjoy your favorite drinks and food even if you forgot your wallet.

Get rewards
Track your Stars and redeem rewards for a free drink of your choice in Starbucks.

Enjoy special offers
Be the first to know and receive unique offers as a Starbucks Rewards member!

Find a store
See stores near you, get directions and check opening hours whenever you want to taste something delicious.

Manage your account
Check your Starbucks Card balance, view past purchases, see your status in the program and choose your favorite Card design.

Starbucks CEE APK reviews

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Zuzana Kleprlíková review Zuzana Kleprlíková
There is a problem for me to log in. I might use an old password but i cannot reset my password. I am using the right email but if i click on forgot my password i don't receive any email where i can change my password and login again. So there is an dead lock for me and no login possible :(.
Dawid Kala review Dawid Kala
Can't use it. The app forces me to sign up in a wrong country.
Hui Gyung review Hui Gyung
How can I sign up? It always says Password is not strong . And the card number is invalid, not it is difficult to reload card. Even Pay U can't use in mobile app.
No access if phone is rooted :(((
Arian Hoxha review Arian Hoxha
As promised, I'm raising my feedback for the fingerprint login, thanks for that! However, I will give the last star for Google Pay support. Keep at it :)
DaewonPetersong review DaewonPetersong
Almost never works can't sign in with correct ID and password. This app sucks donkey balls
Mark Muirhead review Mark Muirhead
Why is this app so limited compared to the UK version (e.g. Order ahead and pick up) ? As someone else mentioned, why no fingerprint access?!
Location settings need improvement . I'm in Austria, and I'm prompted if I want to see polish or Czech stores
Ondrej Rosypal review Ondrej Rosypal
No option to replenish the credit via Google Play + the app logs out on its own from time to time (usually when you need it the most). Would be cool if it worked worldwide. Other than that no complaints. Update: a year later, still the same thing. Miles behind the US version.
Craig Mcgregor review Craig Mcgregor
Clunky, useless
Not only is the app clunky, the password has no persistentcy (or elective possibility for such) & needs to be regularly reinput. And furthermore, when you need to reload it you are asked to input your password yet again - FROM WITHIN THE APP!! Surely, if you knew it to gain entry into the app, it hardly constitutes an increased level of security to have to input the same p/w AGAIN. Stupid.
Mikołaj Kochański review Mikołaj Kochański
App not allowed for developers
App won't start if you have rooted device. Apparently it's not allowed to be Android developer and drink at Starbucks...
Ondřej Peterka review Ondřej Peterka
Password? Why oh why
Why the f. forces a coffee app users to change the password!? While we are at it, why does it not support any alternative mode of sign in, Google account, Facebook, anything? Fingerprint sensor? NOOOOOOOPE, nothing, zilch, zero...
Adam Sobotka review Adam Sobotka
Can't use it for some weird reason (rooted). My phone isn't rooted, not sure how they detect it, but all other apps works just fine.
Stanislava Gráf review Stanislava Gráf
Just frustrating
Constant problems with password, app forces me to change it, than it doesn't work. Real pain in the rear..
A Google user review A Google user
Location settings need improvement . I'm in Austria, and I'm prompted if I want to see polish or Czech stores