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Squid Alerts
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Squid Alerts uses on-call calendars and escalation chains to forward your alerts to the right person though SMS, voice, email, and push notifications.

Alerts from other systems are sent to your team through email or API call. You can have managers and team members. You can also set flood protection settings and integrations.

Team managers can define an escalation chain. The chain says who to send the alert to, how to send the alert (email, SMS, voice, or mobile push), and how much time to wait between escalations.

The on-call calendars allows you to configure primary and secondary on-call resources. Easily setup one time or recurring schedules. You can also get reminders when you forget to update your on-call calendar.

To make it easy to integrate with other tools, alerts can come into your team either through email, forms, or API calls. Direct integration with a bunch of other systems are coming soon.

*A Squid Alerts account is required to use this application.