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Draw perfect, resolution-independent lines with SketchBook® Ink. This easy-to-use pen & ink drawing app enables you create amazing line art and export high-resolution images directly from your tablet (7” or larger).

Using SketchBook Ink is as easy as opening the app, picking an ink style, and drawing. You’ll find the simulated pressure sensitivity mimics a natural pen-like drawing experience, and provides fine control for your line art. Zoom in and out without worrying about pixilation because your lines are resolution-independent.

Key features:
• Full screen workspace keeps the interface out of your way and keeps you in the creative zone
• Color editor and color picker with tap-hold customizable palette
• Seven preset ink styles with different line weight and behavior and two eraser types
• Layers, including the ability to import a photo into a layer for reference (great for tattoo artists)
• Gallery to store works-in-progress
• Export 9.2 MP PNG files to the Photo Library or export 101.5 MP PNG files to Dropbox, internal storage, or SD card storage

Draw perfect lines with SketchBook Ink, and tag us when you share! Visit for support or more information.

SketchBook Ink APK reviews

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Terry cobb review Terry cobb
The more I paint the Slower it gets at regenerating
Not impressed at all tried to like it wanted to like it but bored fast. Needs a lot of tools for the money. Over $5.00 Regen is slow a lot of time, colors like red suck, tools, tools, why should someone need to rely on sketchbook pro then ink to slow, This app make me move to slow.This is really infant stage of the development this should of been a free trial thanks for the lack of quality as usual.I'm with Dave Hollingsworth this is a BIG problem in INK AND PRO FIX IT PLEASE!!!!! Color flip floping on the stylus.
김상규 review 김상규
Not perfect but good
Not perfect but good. It will be great if it fixes small problems and add some functions..
Randy Chhun review Randy Chhun
Needs another update
App crashes if you shut your screen off. Its minimalistic. Pressure sensitivity is either not there or implemented horribly on this app. I do like the app.
Grea Blood review Grea Blood
I'd uninstall it if I hadn't paid... How much again? I must have forgotten after not using it in the past ten months. This is easily the most worthless app on my tablet.
Chris Davis review Chris Davis
No updates since 2013. Thanks Autoscam, now l know not to buy anything from you again.
Paul Jones review Paul Jones
This Blows.
I'm really disappointed with this app; two canvas sizes, and the lines are very inconsistent. Is a shame because the lines are terrific.
Rein Kanashimi review Rein Kanashimi
Can't import background image as reference. If it can do that instant 5 star
Carl Wilson review Carl Wilson
Installs with errors
Galaxy tab three seven inch. Installed twice same result with graphic display errors. 9/24 installed on galaxy note pro 12. Photos export as total black renderings.
David Berry review David Berry
Good but just 9 toned down pro With l pen / brush & no opacity ? ? please add as infinite canvass IS nice !
Infinite canvass virtually, auto saves unwanted stuff to gallery, pls update & 5*
John Lovelady review John Lovelady
Great app!
It's so awesome! I just wish I could use it on my Note as well.
Chad Smith review Chad Smith
Image underlay
The image underlay function doesn't work. Refunding.
Andrew Smith review Andrew Smith
Won't Load
I've had this app for a month and it still won't load. No response from Autodesk about the issue.
Efthimios Katsanos review Efthimios Katsanos
Incoplete app
Should have more tools. A definate no buy. Unfortunate no refund.
Terry Lanear review Terry Lanear
Very disappointed. Does not work
(nVidia Shield Tablet) I already own Sketchbook Pro and just picked this up the other day. The plan was to do my pencil work in Sketchbook and then send a photo of it into this to do the inking and coloring. Unfortunately it will not import any photos into the app as promised. I've tried looking in settings and reinstalling to no success. Please fix this or advice me on what I need to do to import photos. As it is now it is a worthless app and I have just thrown away my money : /
Rosie Moreno review Rosie Moreno
Just got this app last night, terrible! You can pic up any free drawing app with the same and more options. If you at least update with all features from sketchbook mobile or pro it be the best app out there, then an only then will I give *****/ 5 stars. What a waste of money. Free apps out there W same features. Try both free sketchbook app, you'll see what I mean