SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 1SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 2SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 3SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 4SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 5SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 6SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 7SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 8SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 9SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 10SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 11SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 12SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 13SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 14SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 15SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 16SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 17SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 18SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 19SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 20SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 21SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 22SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 23SKATE vs BMX 3D screenshot 24
Ready to perform Great Tricks with Skate or BMX?
SKATE vs BMX is a free 3D game with a lot of challenges and levels to complete!

You will go down the streets trying to avoid cars, roadblocks and barricades while performing many tricks!

Download this game for Free and have Fun!!!

SKATE vs BMX 3D APK reviews

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Yogesh Wadhwa review Yogesh Wadhwa
Not work
I downloaded game before 3 minutes then this game is not work
Gwendolyn Kirksey review Gwendolyn Kirksey
I hated it so bad
Does not work!!!!!!!!!
It just makes you stay in one lane and jumps 5 secs late!!!!!!!!
Michael Awiah review Michael Awiah
This game sucks
The game sucks and has no instructions which makes it difficult. Sometimes becomes slow
Keiran Homewood review Keiran Homewood
Best game ever
Loved the game everyone should get the game .fantasic game love the feachers in the game. Loved it best game yet !!!!!!!:)
Samuele Anthonin review Samuele Anthonin
I don't like the game. there's no instructions, they don't tell you how to play the game. also, it's very hard for me to pass level one. and the graphics aren't the best.
Mazvita Chirinda review Mazvita Chirinda
It's horrible. There are no instructions so that makes it hard and it takes long to load. If your wanting to download this game, I advise you not to. ?????
Linda Foster review Linda Foster
Samsung galaxy s note 4
This game sucks it never responds every time I try to open it it never responds plz fix then I will give 5 stars
neehith sru review neehith sru
Lots of ad's and sound issue
I kept d sound mute bt still it plays on d track -_- and so many ad's and I can't see setting options of dis game to shift frm tilt to button control....
Tira Morley review Tira Morley
Well when I download the game I clicked on it to play the game and it said this game is not aloud to go on report or cancel it is rubbish
vignesh Shetty review vignesh Shetty
Dimmest game I have ever seen when I press the app it comes unfortunately this app has stopped if people downloade this game they will simply waste their phones data
Sharif Muhirwa review Sharif Muhirwa
It sucks it's a rip of you losers FYI it sucks so much it could make a baby cry
dark lord dragon review dark lord dragon
This was the worst game I ever played before and I'm a kid and kids usually like gams like this
Techno Ritvik review Techno Ritvik
I downloaded game before 3 minutes then this game is not work
Tristan strydom review Tristan strydom
This was a boring game u can do beter