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Seesaw is a digital portfolio that gives you real-time glimpses into your child’s school day. Seesaw helps you stay in the loop and gives you an opportunity to support your child's learning at home.

Used in over 200,000 classrooms, 1 in 4 schools in the US, and over 100 countries!

**Named Best Website of 2016 by American Association of School Librarians, 2016 Top Pick for Education by Common Sense Media, and featured in by Apple as "Perfect for Every Classroom" for 9 months.**


When your child adds a new post to their journal, like a photo, video or drawing, you'll automatically get notified. Follow the notification to view the new addition to your child’s journal and support their learning.

Simple Sign Up
∙ Scan the QR code on the handout you received from your child's teacher to create an account

Automatic Notifications About New Posts
∙ Check out what your child is doing at school, wherever you are!
∙ Customize your notification preferences. Receive all notifications or a daily digest
∙ Leave a text or voice comment to encourage your child!

Easily Message Teachers
∙ Message privately with your child’s teacher
∙ Receive class-wide announcements

All of Your Student’s Work in One Place!
∙ Browse your child’s journal from each class
∙ View posts on a calendar or sort by folders
∙ Translate notes, comments and captions into 50+ languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and more!
∙ Save anything to your device's camera roll

All Content is Private and Secure
∙ Student content is secure, and is never shared with 3rd parties.
∙ Check out our Privacy Principles at

Export a Zip Archive of Your Child's Work
∙ Available anytime on the web anytime at:

Need help? Visit our Help Center at

Seesaw Parent & Family APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Freezes when watching videos. Great otherwise.
Ailyn Koay review Ailyn Koay
I have the qr code, but the app doesn't scan.
Amanda B review Amanda B
Great app, I just wish I could add photos etc. to my son's account/journal for him.
Jacky Ng review Jacky Ng
Report bug is fine, buy what's the point to complaint a free app??
Peter Mein review Peter Mein
Didn't scan qr code.
A Google user review A Google user
I think see saw is a good way to know yor kids better in school!!!??
Jaedon Mat review Jaedon Mat
Its like a texting app
A Google user review A Google user
I love it so much I can see everything my son does
Natalie Walden review Natalie Walden
The app "Seesaw" is very helpful with children as well as adult's.
jjj review jjj
It is great because ,I can know do my home work
DakotaJayson1 Poppy review DakotaJayson1 Poppy
I think
Shahzad Qureshi review Shahzad Qureshi
Love the app even if it doesn't follow the Google Material UI standard but I expect that it will come. I reported a bug recently and not only the bug was fixed in the very next version, their support team emailed me telling me that is fixed in the next version. I don't know how people here are complaining that their support team is unresponsive. I have never had this quick a response and I report bugs all the time.
Robert France review Robert France
Poorly developed and doesn't follow UI standards. It's not the most important app on the planet so the Android back button from home should minimise the app. Poor implementation all round. Absence of any feedback on this page from developers shows how unresponsive they are. Wrote to them and got a reply telling me basically, tough if the app doesn't close properly. Even basic developers know how to close an app.
Raphael Piche review Raphael Piche
Great app, I use an android device and have no issues with video playback, however the notification don't work as expected. I do get them on my phone, but when I tap on it, my phone says he is not recognizing the link... I just open the app directly so it's fine, but it keeps me from giving it a 5 stars review.
Anne Mueller review Anne Mueller
This is a great app except when they do the audio on Adobe Voice. Voice is not available for Android phones so I can't listen to the audio for the video.