Police Car Smash 2017 APK

Police Car Smash 2017
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This is heavy duty police work! Get ready to SMASH crime!
The cliched police vs. criminal story gets a brand new twist with this police car crashing adventure. Chase, smash, and catch escaping criminals as a cop in a crime-ridden city! Start the engine and grab the steering wheel, ‘cause you’re about to restore law and order! Use your beefy police vehicle to crash into all kinds of thugs, gangsters, and thieves. It’s a car showdown!

Slow them down by speeding down the road and racing your heart out. Once you’ve got them trapped, fight trouble with your weapon; gun or pistol. Root out the crooks that pose a serious threat to humanity! Circumvent traffic since you’re the hero of the town. It’s all about the rush and thrill of doing GOOD. With brand new features, this game is a must play! Astounding urban graphics, and various cars and new controls to try!

You must ensure that JUSTICE IS SERVED!

Police Car Smash 2017 Features:
•Graphics selection for device compatibility (high, medium & low)
•Vibrant 3D offroad environment
•Amazing controls suits your driving style (touch, tilt, steering)
•Extreme visuals and sounds effects
•5 super awesome up-to-date police cars to unlock
•Upgradeable car to perform difficult missions with ease
•24 smashing and crashing levels for maximum thrill
•Realistic police car physics
•Interactive map with police helicopter to locate fugitive cars

**Install the #1 Cop Game of 2017 Today!!**

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Police Car Smash 2017 APK reviews

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The way how the cars explode
Joseph Chippendale review Joseph Chippendale
Ayaka Yokota review Ayaka Yokota
Good Police Game
It's can easy game.
Saurabh Tawade review Saurabh Tawade
Its good one tp game..need smooth handling.. Rest all is ok
Furqan Haider Hashmi review Furqan Haider Hashmi
Wonderful game (y)
Dhruv Champaneria review Dhruv Champaneria
Evey one should play this game ....
saba hamid review saba hamid
Wow nice.... addictive game I must say!! Thumbs up (y)
DaBot Agudo review DaBot Agudo
Not for me to simple and not realistic feel to it .It seems like its for 5-12yr old players .but if im wrong and its for young teen then this game needs allot of help just like all tapinator games
Mike Canoose review Mike Canoose
It needs alot of work i play like a second. Before it f###ing restarts to home screen i also like a lot of. Your games but this sucks ass ???????do not download you will be mad??????also its slow,as a?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloensam Farrar review Chloensam Farrar
Finally a game my 5 year old doesn't need help with perfect
mohamed refat review mohamed refat
It's very good but need a back up button more police cars help me in chase
kioglop Whyte review kioglop Whyte
I liked THE idea, I liked most of it, but needs more levels! And more cars!
Isyc Santiago review Isyc Santiago
My friend showed me this game and I Love it keep up the good work
ChRashidTv review ChRashidTv
10* game loved it Control graphics lights siren everything is perfect Thanks for good game
Graphic is good but i think this game needs more work like level time and chasing root through wild area and rush with maping. Game is so cool thanx for game maker.