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The application that helps you take your meds on time.

You don't need to concern if you will forget to take the medicine anymore. The Pill Reminder is here to make your life much easier! Control all your meds with this amazing app. it is the best Pill Tracker in the Google Play.

It is very easy to use, just enter the name of the medicine, the interval between doses and time of the first dose. Super Simple! You can even customize your medications with beautiful colors, photo or sounds. After the initial setup, you will receive a notification at your medicine time. It works like a alarm clock for all your meds.

If you have problems to take you pill or take too much medicines, this app was made for you. This app is also great for girls who take contraceptive, now you will always take your pill at the right moment.

- Schedule all your meds in one beautiful app;
- Customize your pills with colors, photo and notifications sounds;
- See what is the time of your next dose;
- Receive notifications to remember you to take your contraceptive;

Definitely the best way to manage all your meds, medicines, pills and contraceptive.

Download now this great medicine reminder and start take your meds on time!

Upgrade to full version to remove ads and add as much remedies as you want.

Pill Reminder APK reviews

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ravin hurhangee review ravin hurhangee
Adverts ! ! , other apps add free
There are other apps which are advert free
Mary Morris review Mary Morris
Tim Driver review Tim Driver
I hate being a field tester... second time to try to post so this is abbreviated. I set alarm to start at 10:00am but list says 2:00am. Next, once an alarm is paused, there's no way to restart it. I see a PAUSE button but no PLAY. Useless since timer is already paused. I will adjust rating once repaired. REPLY: My interval is 1 hour. While at it, this would be great to have a "Quiet Time" where a span of a 24 hour time could be designated as a no alarm time.
Wayne Kushnier review Wayne Kushnier
App Gratis Not Working Had To Reinstall
Had this app installed to test. As free Appgratis I merely updated the app. This did not remove ads. Uninstalling from Google Play Store & then re-installing it on my phone removed ads & provided premium version. Not overly complicated so easy to use regardless of tech knowledge, provides necessary info, allows for numerous variations of schedules giving users more flexibility. Nuff Said.
emilio reyes review emilio reyes
It's a fake. I got an infection because I was missing to drink my pills because this app doesn't work right
Richard Muenchow review Richard Muenchow
Want a pill scheduler nIot a nightmare
Leo Liu review Leo Liu
Even if it is free, let alone AppGratis lies...
Ken Walker review Ken Walker
Very simple to use. I like the option of choosing the notification sound. I'd recommend this app to anyone.
Tenna Kull review Tenna Kull
A Google user review A Google user
This app is not working properly. I bought the premium but still not working. I want my money back.
Robert Church review Robert Church
Can't do multiple medications at one time. Doesn't give suggestions for medications.
A Google user review A Google user
Can't track how many I have left
Teja review Teja
Premium feature gone
David Robbins review David Robbins
Simple little app works as expected. Make sure your notifications volume is set, otherwise you will not hear the alarm.
harrison alves review harrison alves
This app fails to do its soul purpose which is to REMIND YOU WHEN TO TAKE YOUR PILLS. The alarm does not even go off at any time I set it to. Thanks for taking up space.