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PicsArt Kaleidoscope
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Play Amazing Kaleidoscope!
Draw amazing pics with this fabulous kaleidoscope, a great way to sit back and relax.

Create funny images in 3 different modes; Classic, Neon and Snowflake.

PicsArt Kaleidoscope APK reviews

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Maritza Mestre-Touma review Maritza Mestre-Touma
Endless loop to exit app
Couldn't exit app. Kept sending me to install more Pics art products when I tried to quit, sent me back to app scree. Quit-ad-quit-app-quit-ad-repeat.... Uninstalling right away!
A Google User review A Google User
Love this mind numbing app! It would get 5 stars IF there was a way to save favorite colors or ”recently used” colors. I don't like starting with a color then using a few different colors and then wishing I can finish with the same color I started with. Just a thought! Oh and being able to start at a different spot instead of just in the middle would be very cool.
Kanchan Verma review Kanchan Verma
Not really good.
It was not gud I think this app download so bad
Erica Solly review Erica Solly
My baby loves it
BUT I hate that he accidentally opens dating site ads then cries because his picture has disappeared. Plus my hubby might get suspicious as to why I'm visiting a dating site so frequently.