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Photo Effects Pro (Enjoy Photo) is an easy and fun way to enhance your personal photos. It makes your photos beautiful with easy and powerful editing tools. Lots of filters and effects, easy to use, share via Facebook, Twitter and many more. It takes no time at all to make good photos look great.

***Now, the app is fully-optimized for the larger displays on tablets***


1) 40+ awesome filters and effects:
Autumn, Twin, Contrast, Pencil, Blackout, Engrave, Desaturate, Border, Desert, Draft, Displace, Reflection, G & B, Shadow, Ghost, Lomoart, R & B, Emboss, R & G, Drops, Saturation, Sharpen, ThePast, Oil-Paint, Swap, Snow, Polaroid, Oval, Light, Sharp, Bewitching, FishEye
2) Add texts with nice fonts, easily edit with the touch
3) Fun stickers, easily edit by fingers
4) Finger paint on the photo
5) Lovely frames and you can rotate, move and zoom by fingers, instantly apply basic filters
6) Photo collage
7) Photo Grid
8, PIP
9) Postcard
10) Taller
11) Magazine
12) Artwork: this feature allows you to customize your images by feeding photos through an artificial intelligence as the styles of famous artists
13) Tools
+ Crop, rotate, saturation, flip, contrast, brightness etc
+ Set your photo as wallpaper
14) Share photo via the most popular social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram, Flickr and others
15) No internet connections required, Photo Effects Pro (Enjoy Photo) does not contain virus/Spyware.

Photos saved at EnjoyPhoto folder

Photo Effects Pro APK reviews

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Gbe Nother review Gbe Nother
Not what I needed
Android 4.1.2 doesn't let me rename my photos within the Gallery. I was hoping this would provide a solution. I was willing to accept the overhead of this app's many other capabilities to get that one small function. But I couldn't figure out how to simply rename my photos. I'd like to select from thumbnails, choose RENAME from a pop-up menu and get a keyboard. Pressing ENTER would save the file with the new name.
Stephanie Robey review Stephanie Robey
Totally Awesome enhanced my groups pictures tremendously. Thank you
Muhammad Abid Yusufzai review Muhammad Abid Yusufzai
Its very cool app. Having enjoyable features..
Penny Houston review Penny Houston
It works great on Samsung Note4
a little cheesy but good app
Patricia Munro review Patricia Munro
Way better than others
I've tried many, this one works
ari raza review ari raza
100 stars
Love this app for edited my pics thanks alots
lois ettinger review lois ettinger
Not..bad...good points and bad and I need a bit more time. To figure out just what I can do with it
shannonj1984 review shannonj1984
Great selection
It has just about everything you need in one stop!!
kavinkumar natarajan review kavinkumar natarajan
Numerous Options!! Awesome
This is the app am looking for a longtime and finally found it...
Kaleeya Gladue review Kaleeya Gladue
Amazing! I use this for ALL of my photo shots and I highly recommend it to people that need a good Photoshop app
Jeffrey K review Jeffrey K
-5 stars
If I could. It has good editing options but. The borders are girlish and I hate ads! You wanna put ads on it. Grow up and say it has them
victoria okesanya review victoria okesanya
love it very cool and awesome
love it
virendra satpute review virendra satpute
Love this app it's just amazing and the effects r just fab ........wonderful app it
Dawn Towers review Dawn Towers
Trying still to figure out what I'm doing bue enjoy it
Tracey Cook review Tracey Cook
Would like more options although some are really different and out of the box.