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The latest OfficeSuite is our fastest ever, with drastically improved speed across the entire app and a refreshed design that makes it easier to use than ever!

 • The most downloaded office app on Google Play
 • Delivers the most exclusive features over any other office app
 • Installed on 200 million devices in 195 countries and growing
 • Over 50 million downloads alongside 55,000 daily activations

OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, convert to PDF, and manage your files all with the most feature-rich mobile office solution available on Android.
Preloaded by top manufacturers including Sony, Amazon, Acer, Alcatel, Toshiba, Sharp, Kyocera and more.


 • *NEW* Open documents or create new ones faster than ever with the new Quick access notification drawer
 • *NEW* With the enhanced mouse support for Chromebooks users can now work faster and easier than ever.
 • *NEW* Dragging and dropping for Android 7 is easier than ever.
 • *NEW* The improved color picker allows you to select a standard or custom color for highlights, text, lines, and shapes.
  • *NEW* Get 15 GB of free storage for documents on OfficeSuite Drive by signing in.
• *NEW* Integrated spell checker available in more than 40 languages now guarantees that your work is impeccably written
 • Open multiple documents simultaneously
 • Create custom headers, footers, and page number options for Word documents
 • Add freehand drawings over PowerPoint slides
 • Protect individual sheets and cells in Excel for extra security
 • Cast presentations across multiple devices on the same network with Share Cast
 • Use Quick Sign to easily sign a PDF using your digital signature

 • View, create and edit complex office documents all from a familiar desktop-style interface
 • Full compatibility with Microsoft formats including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
 • Support for PDF files including PDF camera scanning and Export to PDF.
 • Additional support for common formats like RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML, ZIP; Open Office - ODT, ODS and ODP
 • Integrated with File Commander for quick and easy access to both local and remote files including Recent files, My Documents folders and document templates
 • Sharing via cloud services like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and SugarSync, as well as over email, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct
 • PDF security and editing features including digital signatures support, permissions management, text to PDF, and annotations
 • Available in 56 languages

 • Security features - work with password protected files
 • Format Painter in Word documents
 • Track changes with multiple author support
 • Insert pictures using your camera or from an external file
 • Additional options in Excel including Insert Filter, Conditional Formatting, Define Name, Import Image, Edit Chart, and Save as CSV
 • Interactive form support for PDFs: checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, etc.
 • Legacy Microsoft document formats support (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) along with .ODF formats

OfficeSuite granted permissions-
Extension for Sony SmartBand, SmartWatch 2, SmartWatch 3.
Control presentations in OfficeSuite from your SONY SMARTWATCH 2/3 by sliding left and right to move between slides.
Manage OfficeSuite presentations with SONY SMARTBAND.
SMARTBAND TALK: Use volume up/down to change slides, tap on touch screen to display animations. Slide notes will display on screen.
Chromecast dual screen support

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF APK reviews

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Brian Barrows review Brian Barrows
Sum feature doesn't work with blank cells in range, only records last figure in range. Have to manually correct. Sum range. Data input to cells quite buggy generally.
Nicholas Papazoglou review Nicholas Papazoglou
Good but with ads even you buy it.
I buy apps because I hate advertisements. But this app is showing adv for extra apps in the environment. Not hidden in the settings. This is too cheap anf annoying...
Mr. L review Mr. L
Why did you change the method of selecting text?!
I would like to select text. But I cannot because for some reason the press and hold method of doing this does not work in this program and I have no idea how to select text because of that. If this is not corrected soon I will demand refund. YOU REALLY NEED TO TELL PEOPLE THAT A DOUBLE TAP IS REQUIRED TO SELECT TEXT!!!! YOU ARE STILL GETTING 1 STAR BECAUSE YOUR USER MANUAL WAS USELESS AND BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE INSANE IDEA IN YOUR HEAD THAT I WILL PAY $10 FOR FONTS.
Richard Williams review Richard Williams
WARNING! STAY AWAY! Edit, I just had my Pro expire in some way. I attempted to reset my password but I am told my email account does not exist with you. It's been years I've had Pro. And then the Dev sends me a copy/paste solution that doesn't work. Disgusting.
- HeliSys - review - HeliSys -
Hassling each time you leave the app asking to be rated or to "tell friends", Ads for their other products, Hassling with supposedly missing fonts (for sale). This app will just allow you to do minor changes on existing docs on the go, but don't imagine this could replace a PC Office. They have to stop this kind of advertising : sure I'll tell my friends to flee this app !! I can't even remove the one star that they don't deserve !
Marcus G review Marcus G
I use this all the time for work - mostly the spreadsheets. I've stuck with it for over five years and don't see any reason to change.
Chris B review Chris B
Okish office suite. What makes me mad is that it's full of ads for other products by the same publisher, also it's trying to sell me a premium version subscription I am not interested in. Main menu has ten items, three of them want to sell premium, Office Suite for PC (I don't even have a Windows machine) and "Our Apps". Also, it's again and again, trying to sell me a fonts package. Going to abandon this product and will also not recommend it to friends and business partners. EDIT: Oh, and it of course nags to rate it five stars all the time... you wish. EDIT: your comment does not address what I wrote. Maybe you want to re-read and then write something up instead of pasting a text block? EDIT: Yes, I don't have to. Still, the top most menu entry still wants to sell me the upgrade. I can't click it away or similar.
Daniel McLean review Daniel McLean
This app has lots of capabilities. Almost as many as my desktop Word. However it has a history of being bugy, and slow fixes. I am not sure if all of them are fixed now but most are. Their support has not seemed to help much. They give a fast email response that usually does not address the problem. Right now I am very happy with it. Hopefully it will stay that way. Update: they have been working very hard to improve their responsiveness and quality. I now find very few bugs and in general a very good experience. Recommended if you can ignore the harassment. Update: They have a major flaw in the program which makes it instantly crash ever time a specific action is taken. You then often lose all of your work!!!! This bug has been there more than year after being notified and it is still not fixed!!!!
A Google user review A Google user
I thought paying for the pro version meant the common fonts like Arial. I also thought no advertising - but they are constantly trying to sell me upgrades. Did I buy the wrong package?
meng huey lim review meng huey lim
The recent update can't edit documents! It took so long time for 'select all', then I can't edit the form or format of my documents! It was a small file that I wanna edit, 2.5Mb btw. Disappointing!
David Vere review David Vere
Reliable, efficient and up to date. Absolute must if you have files on your device you need to use offline. Works equally well with online services. Ignore the fonts unless you need them. 8.8 looks good too.
Martell Tha Cool review Martell Tha Cool
I hate you all of the office suite 7. You'll get no stars from me never again. How dare you put "in-app purchases" into this beautiful app. Shame on you all. I already paid for this and you thieving bastards wanted more money. Removed this inapp purchases nonsense and I'll glad give you guys your 5 stars back. Until then: 1 STAR!!!
Scott Monroe review Scott Monroe
I purchased paid pro full version and just upgraded my phone. When reinstalled asking me to re purchase premium what I already paid for. Emailed Mobisystems for weeks no help!
Yang Yu review Yang Yu
New v8.5 can not open other file, example jpg apk.
Come on!!! We not need File Commander. That is too more.
Christian Schmadalla review Christian Schmadalla
File Commander nag icon in a paid app
My Documents gone from home screen, and a nag icon for their file manager app. I already have one. 8.5 looks like a reason to switch to SoftMaker.