Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages APK

Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages
Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 1Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 2Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 3Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 4Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 5Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 6Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 7Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages screenshot 8
"Free notifications reader" is a useful application, implemented to read and vocalize notifications, i.e. e-mail messagges, SMS messagges, Whatsapp messages, or, more in general, any notification generated by a selected app.

For details you can consult the dedicated Site at the address:

This app is totally FREE, well made and without advertising. The only way to keep it alive is a high score.

5: OK, this app will be upgraded and maintained
4: if this is the maximum that you would give, its destiny will be a 3. If you are not completely satisfied with some features, first write to the developer's email, I'm sure you will be satisfied and you'll give 5 stars !
1-3: do not do this, you will "kill" this app, write to the developer's email and the problem will be solved! We all get benefits from free and well done apps! If you kill this initiative, you will "pay" for an app that will be even worse than this !!!


This application is totally free and costless. It is highly configurable, you can choose the apps from which you want to receive vocal notifications, to set the "sleep mode" (which disables vocal notifications during the night hours), to set the "private mode" (it vocalizes only the message sender name and not the message itself), to receive calling notifications (it vocalizes the name of the person that is calling), to receive vocal warnings when battery is low (under 20%), and many other options. If we are listening tio the music, it will lower the music volume for the time needed to vocalize the notification.

WIDGET: activate the useful dedicated WIDGET if you enable and disable so often your "notifier". You can find the widget in the widget section of your smartphone, under the same name of the application. Press the button on the upper left to enable/disable, button "Open" to display your "notifier". The background is GREEN if enabled, RED if disabled, ORANGE if the general volume level is zero.

IMPORTANT: "Free notifications reader" makes use of notification functionalities present in Android O.S. starting from release 4.4, for that reason it does NOT work on Android devices supporting previous Android versions.

For details you can consult the dedicated Site at the address:

Free Notifications reader of SMS, email, messages APK reviews

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Art what you want review Art what you want
Good app
Giacomo Fabiano review Giacomo Fabiano
Ribadisco: app molto ben fatta, perfettamente curata dall'autore, come ... una figlia. Se non si limitasse ad annunciare la chiamata telefonica, ma rispondesse pure, inviandola al dispositivo Bluetooth, oltre che ben fatta sarebbe anche completa e ancora più utile mentre si guida. A quando questo "major improvement"?
Des Macauley review Des Macauley
A fantastic app. Second to none in its category.
Husam Ahmad review Husam Ahmad
Amazing and fantastic
Sadek Sadek review Sadek Sadek
Has all the options you need. Great value for a free App
The vioce is clear thanks
The best all others fall short
support samsung Note 5, also no volume customization, no ring tones selection, no customization for sms and calls, also incoming calls are diverting to speaker mode
Luca Blcn review Luca Blcn
La migliore. Vocalizza qualsiasi notifica di qualsiasi app. Infallibile. Con opzioni utilissime. La uso in bici (mio mezzo di trasporto principale), non stacco mai le mani dal manubrio... Huawei P8 lite 2017
Arianna B. review Arianna B.
Ottima e ultra-personalizzabile ?
5 Stars! Best notification reader I have tried. Beautiful work! One issue though. System volume has no effect on reading volume. I cannot find a way to change the volume of the app when I change the system volume. So I have to open app settings to change the reading volume. Is there a way to set this so system volume also sets the app volume? Thank you for the outstanding work!
Andrew Thomson review Andrew Thomson
I have tried it on calendar and it works as I want after changing the message and alert on phone call is great as is SMS. So for the cost, free, I gave it 5 stars. I have moved from another announcement app where the support seems non existent, emails boot answered.
Massimo D'Alessandro review Massimo D'Alessandro
It is really great and I use it extensively while at work. I am a gardener and spend 8 hours a day outdoor with my hands gloved and often very dirty. This app allows me to "read" all messages without touching the telephone or even staring at the screen. Coupled with a earpiece with microphone I can engage in dialogues using text and WhatsApp messages via Google assistant. It is a futuristic kind of set up which saves me a lot of time and I am always up to date.. I had a problem with finding out how to stop it dead if it starts chatting in inappropriate situations. However the developer has been amazing at coming back to me swiftly and explaining that you can stop the vocalisation immediately by shaking the headset! . The app has an impressive IT design and it is clearly well thought through and supported by the developer. If you need to be kept updated with your messages... Look no further!
Mike Perry review Mike Perry
This must be the best app of it's kind, I have tried others including paid for apps but they have failed miserably. This is definitely the best. Six Stars
It's good for reading out but the annoying thing is every time it notifies there's a BLOODY message in my Notification Bar top left of my screen and the settings are revoltingly difficult to fathom