MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle APK

MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle
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Monster Busters is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages. Match same colored monsters to save the gingerbread cookie friends! Enjoy each and every stage with entertaining challenges.
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Be a Hero to Save Your Friends

Anyone could be a hero saving the gingerbread friends captured in the monster tower. Not so scary but actually cute-looking monsters have taken away your friends while they were playing with you! No worries though cause they’ve got a brave friends to save them. And it’s you! Let’s go climb up the monster tower to find your friends back.

Play with Your Loving Ones

A game for all ages you can play with your grandmother, father, children, of course your friends, and all other loving ones. Play and talk about Monster Busters while you’re spending time together. Not only that you can meet with new friends from all over the world!

All Alive Characters

You can see your own avatar move up and down the monster tower, and unlike most other games, even the characters you’re fighting against are all alive to add up the extra fun and lively energy in game. It’s very unique and fun finding your own strategy for each character to win the missions too! Missions that are challenging but absolutely doable.

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MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle APK reviews

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Joanne Moreland review Joanne Moreland
I like this its playable
It 4 and a half stars
Cody Simon review Cody Simon
Great game
Fun long lasting game
Bill Netter review Bill Netter
I LOVE this Match 3 game! (smile)
Timothy Garrison review Timothy Garrison
Big pimpin love this game play for hours
Heather Brown review Heather Brown
So much fun
And so addictive! I love this game and its cousin, hexablast!
Harriet O'daniel review Harriet O'daniel
Monster Busters
I love it!!! Very addictive!! Can't stop playing it!!! I still love it!!!!!
Delia Louw review Delia Louw
Monster Busters
The best game ever, I can't stop playing. Totally awesome%
Cecilia Garcia review Cecilia Garcia
Love it!
Fun game, good graphics
Michael Dennie review Michael Dennie
Lots of fun
Played hexa blast and this is my time killer waiting for more lives. Just as fun.
Karen Bisson review Karen Bisson
5 Stars
Really fun give it a try.
Vatsana Inthanongsack review Vatsana Inthanongsack
Required connection to play this game, this is really suck
Tiffany Stanton review Tiffany Stanton
Great game
Can use power ups with tokens earned in game
Dee Meloche review Dee Meloche
What a fun match 3 game.I like the idea that you can combine two power ups to create a big explosion.
Karen Baker review Karen Baker
Kind of a pain, but a nice time waster.
Veeda Roopnarine review Veeda Roopnarine
How do you delete and start all over