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Ever wanted to build your own city?
Welcome to Megapolis, an economic city building strategy game based on the law of markets.
Megapolis stands out from other city building games and tycoon simulators with its thoughtful approach to gameplay and huge range of features. Build houses and skyscrapers, expand your territory, collect resources and take part in different competitions with thousands of other players all over the world - the fate of your city is in your hands, Mayor. Prove that you are the perfect city planner!

Play the best city sim absolutely free!
All you need is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection.

In this strategy game you’ll find everything you need to create your perfect city:

- well-developed economic modeling, allowing you to effectively manage your city;
- awesomely realistic 3D graphics with magnificent natural landscapes;
- regular exciting updates, innovations of architecture and world famous buildings - from antiques to modern classics;
- opportunities to invite friends and visit neighboring cities;
free daily gifts;
- the ability to build and expand your city;
- a chance to join the global leaderboard of the best players;
- and even more!

Megapolis is constantly growing. Your gameplay experience is our priority, so updates are released regularly. Great promotions are waiting for you in the game store so you can adorn the streets of your city with unique buildings and decorations.

Create homes for your citizens, build factories and restaurants, open parks and gardens, explore new islands and regions, and turn your Megapolis into the best city on the planet! Have fun building a city from the ground up!

In order to make your city grow, you’ll have to learn the ropes of the Mayor's work. You need to attract new citizens, build new roads, develop infrastructure - and don’t forget about the city treasury! Build an empire with airports, railway stations, seaports, mining rings, and wind, solar and atomic power plants. You can even launch a rocket to the Moon! The sky’s the limit!

You can even merge towns and cities into states! Together with other Mayors and Tycoons, you can create the Capital of the State. Teamwork will open the door to even more new horizons!

Megapolis is the best city simulator around! Join us and create the super city of your dreams!

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Megapolis APK reviews

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Murtaza Lokhandwala review Murtaza Lokhandwala
Need Megabucks
Whenever I get Megabucks it gets disappeared Oh and i lost 15 megabucks : Please return my megabucks back
Jasmin Presincula review Jasmin Presincula
I love to make my own city and I rated 5 stars for it :)
Meghan Wollerman review Meghan Wollerman
Have been playing this game for almost a year it is very good just wish it didn't take so long to build everything and need so many items to do it.
finner101 review finner101
Great game
Since an update two day's ago , game freezes when it check's for updates at start and will not work.what's the story with that social quantum
degatoznia earthick review degatoznia earthick
Realy enjoying it!
I love how free the options are, with all the variety and such! What i tiny biny hate is that you can only turn objects in game a qaurt rotated. Is it like possible to bring this in a update?
निल अटाळकर review निल अटाळकर
Worst update ever I've seen.
I can't connect to fb friends and can't send them gifts. I don't like this update at all.
Ankit Kumar review Ankit Kumar
I m anju
Oceam game all game are good but this game is two much game this game is my heart touching game u going to neabor city nd u r own of your city nd collect taxes etc this is amazing game but I have no many megabucks please so I am sad
Korye Eads review Korye Eads
5 to 2 stars
Used to be able to play offline. Had a good thing going. Uninstalling
Manuel Monge review Manuel Monge
Is good
It's a really addicting game
Amy Jeannette review Amy Jeannette
I just wish that there was a drop and drag feature so that the layout is reworkable (like it is in Clash Of Clans) so that as you get new buildings or decorations it is not so cluttered. Right now I have to wait for expansions and move things around a little at a time but it is hard to see smaller buildings that are behind larger ones.
al kasyfillah review al kasyfillah
Great game Ever
Its nice game..but i cant move the buildings so its no arrange it systematically
Jeremy Taylor review Jeremy Taylor
I paid for an offer and did not get it
Elizabeth Berube review Elizabeth Berube
Fun to use
Khaled Telmissany review Khaled Telmissany
Khaled telmissany
nubli hakimi review nubli hakimi