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Hydro Coach - drink water
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Drinking water regularly is a big challenge in day-to-day life. Hands up – who really drinks enough water every day? Hydro Coach will help you by calculating how much water you need, tracking what you drink, and gently reminding you when to drink. It's time to unleash the power of water to improve your health. Because your health is worth it!

Benefits of drinking water for your health:
* It’s an effective method of combating stress and tiredness
* Drinking enough water can clear up your skin
* Drinking enough water can improve your health in a few days
* It’s beneficial to weight loss and the basis of every professional diet
* Drinking more water can relieve headaches

Key features:
* Improve your health with personal drink notifications
* Keep perfect track of your water balance through a simply designed diary
* Get a graphical insight into your water drinking habits with week and month statistics
* Practical widgets provide clear information about your water intake
* Create custom drink volumes easily
* Supports imperial (fl. oz.) and Metric (ml) units
* Share your water intake with your friends
* Direct water input through your android wear
* Synchronization with your google account

How it works:
Our formula calculates your ideal personal water requirement based on multiple factors like age, weight, gender and lifestyle. Select your favorite glass you normally use, and Hydro Coach will remind you to drink and refill it.

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Hydro Coach - drink water APK reviews

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RuNing Rampage review RuNing Rampage
Improved my water drinking a lot since using this app.
Thanks so much.
khalid alnasser review khalid alnasser
Very nice app, no wonder why it's associated with s health. Unfortunately, the free version's is very heavy on ads, it's annoying!
Joy Watkins review Joy Watkins
I like the app, but I think it gives you too many reminders. I didn't realize I need to drink this much water every day.
Centaine Wood review Centaine Wood
Really helps getting reminders - forces me to make the effort to drink more.
Amy Malaba review Amy Malaba
Good for one.
I would love it if I could add multiple users on for my family... I like the cup size options.
Nicole David review Nicole David
Very Simple and Effective
The app reminds me when I'm slacking on my water intake, which was always in the beginning but after about a week, I'm ahead of the curve. Perfect for my needs.
1991Manda 1991Manda review 1991Manda 1991Manda
Great app
Straight to the point and easy to use. I have a busy life style...this helps to remind me to also take care of myself ☺
Gerda Scalzini review Gerda Scalzini
Big help
Definitely is helping me to keep on target with my water intake daily.
lisabug bug review lisabug bug
Keeps you on track
It is a great app and keeps you hydrated.The only thing I don't like is the settings.Other than that I would have gave it 5 stars.It also gives you lots of valuable info on what water does for you and your body.Its a great app always works never closes.Download it you won't be sorry if you wanna stay healthy.
Delane Petersen review Delane Petersen
Really helps me keep up on my water intake.
Highlights how awful I am at drinking water. Some of the notifications need grammatical corrections though, like "you should better drink more regularly". Say what?! But I'm just being picky :)
Jennifer Hruby review Jennifer Hruby
Great app
Love this app. Easy to use and always reminds me if I'm falling behind!
Shelly Besancon review Shelly Besancon
Just what i wanted
So far it works great! Thank you
Brittney Brumbelow review Brittney Brumbelow
Great App!
It really helps me stay on track and to continue drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
Karen Vargas review Karen Vargas
Great app!
It really does help remind me to drink enough water!