Flash Player- RR APK

Flash Player- RR
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That app makes it possible to watch films and play games on the Internet.
The programm works in a common style, but this technology is absolutely NEW. It was produced by our small and very solid team.
↓↓How to use?↓↓

1. Install the app.
2. Run it.
3. Read a disclaimer.
4. Push "Download plugin".
5. Push "Install plugin".
6. Now wait- the app need a time to analize Your device, customize a code.
7. Support us by putting 5 stars in Google play, comment :-)

Flash®is registered trademarks of Adobe® Systems, Inc.

Note: We are under experimental stage- It might not support every devices.

Flash Player- RR APK reviews

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Parker Hancey review Parker Hancey
Does not work
Maria Morales review Maria Morales
Tab 2 and 2 browser-pre and chrome, restarted said it worked (install) as plug in. But browser tell me the same as before installed. Pls update to newest adobe your device is no longer supported. So not sure what was to happen or change since instructions end with "An offer for you" link didnt do anything but the pls rate 5 stars link got me here, so this is my rating...
Priest Hernandez review Priest Hernandez
Doesnt open, gets to the installation, loops back to agreement screen. Waste of time really
Desire Buckner review Desire Buckner
It doesn't work on chrome browser
I like this app
rima gurung review rima gurung
Doesnt wrk
Reinhard Hotma review Reinhard Hotma
It sucks
S L review S L
Um no
technical king review technical king
Fake app do not download
Doesn't even deserve one star load of crap
TUBE365 review TUBE365
Good job, it works for me
john caldvel review john caldvel
Samsung Galaxy y duos
Very good and helpful application, thank you
Brett Morick review Brett Morick
Very cheesy app. Doesnt work. Total waste of my time.
Kyle Mepham review Kyle Mepham
Not really sure it works or not
Well tried playing flash games all said plugin not supported so not really sure if it's working or not. I'd update this app with a more professional look though I opened it and the way it was designed was a little unnerving I felt like I was gambling the life of my tablet like to brick it or not to