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The app that helps you drink water properly.
Calculate how much you need to drink each day and receive reminders .

If you do not know how much you need to drink each day , no problem! Our app has a super water calculator to help you. Just enter your weight and Drink Water tells how much you should drink per day.

You do not need to worry about remembering to drink water, just set the time you wake up, the time you go to bed and our app does the rest . It will send you notifications during the day to remind you the right time to drink.

It is time to water your body! Download now this water tracker and check it out .

- Calculate how much water you should drink per day based on your weight ;
- Schedule notifications according to the time you wake up and sleep ;
- Choose the interval between notifications ;
- Track your historical consumption during the month ;
- Simple, beautiful and intuitive.

"Best water reminder you can download" - Graça

Download now and see!

Another success of Aplicativos Legais www.aplicativoslegais.com

Drink Water APK reviews

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buddhadeb chakrabarty review buddhadeb chakrabarty
Not working .not recommended.
Martin W review Martin W
Great app but could use more features
Great app that reminds me to drink more and I can easily track my intake, however. Every day reset at 00.00 which is annoying if your daily routine is to stay awake past that. It should let you pick when the day reset.
Hannah Landry review Hannah Landry
A great way to make sure I get the right amount of water daily
Aliyah Rahim review Aliyah Rahim
Why bother?
Tom Ashworth review Tom Ashworth
Simone Riding Cunningham review Simone Riding Cunningham
App is good!
Need it...
bart schoonenberg review bart schoonenberg
Bullsh*t app
God this is nonsense.
Yousuf ELBAZI review Yousuf ELBAZI
Stupid app it should at least ask you what activities you're planning on doing during your day to tell thou the approximate of water you need to drink
Doug Beals review Doug Beals
Drink water
Drink water and read ads.I don't think so.
abed alsyed review abed alsyed
This app is useless and u don't need to pay money for it if u want to try it download at app of the day
Lisa Hutchings review Lisa Hutchings
I like it
I don't always drink as much water as I should, so this helps.
Nicci Maddison review Nicci Maddison
Great app
Needed in the hot Aussie bush
Jonathan Home review Jonathan Home
I'm always busy and this appeal is great way to track my daily water consumption. Very pleased
Kira Batts review Kira Batts
What happened?
It was perfect for over 3 months, now it fails every time I try to open it. The alarm hasn't gone off all day.
Kyla McGrotha review Kyla McGrotha
This is very cool
This is the most coolest app I have seen for drinking water