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Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with this heart-stopping first person shooter. Choose from an insane arsenal of combat weapons and battle against the walking dead in terrifying environments around the globe.
60+ million players are now battling for the future of mankind - can YOU make a difference?

“Hours of fun in marathon sessions or short bursts.” -
“The game is improving upon everything that made the first title great.” -


The Dead Trigger 2 universe is constantly expanding its frontiers. Every update features brand new content to make your game experience even more enjoyable.
• Battle your way through ten regions and explore 33 unique environments.
• Grab your favourite zombie annihilator from 50 types of weapon. Sharpen your shooting skills and take zombies out with a bullet to the head!
• Dive into the action with more than 600 gameplay scenarios, including Solo Campaign, Global Mission and Side Quests. Complete achievements, smash challenges and receive exclusive in-game currency.


You’ll be blown away by our frontier-pushing graphics, including real-time water reflections, dynamic vegetation, and enhanced ragdolls. Explore varied locations and kill the undead in diverse environments ranging from the deserted mines of Africa to the alleyways of Shanghai. The apocalypse never looked so good!


Brutal enemies - Some of the easier to kill zombies might be a soft target for a sharpshooter, but you’ll need more than one shot for a formidable array of bosses. Get ready for Kamikaze, Vomitron and more - powerful walking dead with an inventive approach to your extinction.
Awesome weapons - Get to grips with melee weapons like the Big Hammer, Boat Motor and Machete. What’s our favourite? Check out the Grenade Chickens, Rocket Chickens and special Machine Gun mounted to Chickens. You’re gonna love ‘em…
Real time story development - Join the Global Resistance and tune in to stay informed as the global gameplay develops, where the actions of every single player can directly influence the tide of war. Immerse yourself in different types of operation including Story, Global Mission and Side Quests.


Tournaments for Real Prizes - Get ready for some serious shooting! Go to war with players from all over the world in the Arena, featuring custom combat gladiator rules every week. Become a legend in the new Purgatory arena…
• The Finger is Mightier Than the Gun - Choose between a touch control target system designed especially for casual players or an enhanced virtual joystick for FPS veterans. If you prefer console gaming, then go ahead - Dead Trigger 2 supports MOGA.
• Explore your personal hideout and meet the Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler and Engineer. These NPCs will help on your quest for survival as you unlock incredible new weapons and gadgets.


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Jade Ryan Ibarrola review Jade Ryan Ibarrola
Such cool graphics and so far storyline rocks and I got the chainsaw ;-)
Mazlan Azwan Wayn review Mazlan Azwan Wayn
asus zenfone 4
bad game i never seen..too much problem..1 lagging..2 they don't give tournament reward..3 my tech lvl7 but i can't open map lvl7..4 lvl40 and i STOP playing this game..!
Josep Iskandar review Josep Iskandar
i have problems..this game stuck map south america.after upgrade version android tablets asus fone pad 171..please fix its......not long time friends....i loke 5 stars be ause you fix this problems....please fixs teouble..i cannot play maps south america...stuck...
siva hari prasad review siva hari prasad
After longtime my favourite app
I used to play shooting games for longtime and I don't find any app but this game satisfied me we can earn easy gold thanks for that
Daniel Kro review Daniel Kro
Hate those annoying advertisements...
Game is working nice and smooth but hate those advertisements...
Rudo Douglas review Rudo Douglas
Love it
Just the upgrade and wait times in general is the biggest problem n it this game is great
burNNN review burNNN
Great game
I can't stop playing 3 hour great
Ananda Ganesha review Ananda Ganesha
Most addictive game I've ever played
This is a great game. I wish the story could have been better.
shubham verma review shubham verma
After Europe there are no missions!!!it just spoils the fun...shit game.
eric velasco review eric velasco
i like da game
specially playing it on my room alone at night.. scary
Lucas Moraes review Lucas Moraes
Awesome game, and great support, I had a problem in my game and after I sent an email, it was resolved in a couple of hours.... Congratulations to MadFinger team
Kareem Haitham review Kareem Haitham
Graphics are nothing so laggy I'd like to say unkilled is better
rex martinez review rex martinez
love it,but l...
i can't move to next...and stock plz fix it..,
Adarsh Kumar review Adarsh Kumar
Worth it!!
Its good to take out your frustration on the zombies... the only thing i didnt like is that it needs internet evrytym i run the game.. the progress can wait to get itself saved on the cloud :/
efrian kelana putra review efrian kelana putra
Location: Indonesia
It is good so far. but It is always says ERROR when I try to buy items from shop via 'Bill my XL/AXIS account' even if my electric pulse is more than enough. Please fix it :)