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Watch videos that matter to you.
Every day, millions of people experience music, news, and culture through Dailymotion’s immersive viewing experience. Always current, it’s the best way to discover videos you actually want to watch-from sources you can trust.
Using Dailymotion lets you:
Dive into an endless, immersive, and personal viewing experience
Cast videos to the big screen
Find new videos and channels through catered recommendations
Follow your favorite people, brands, and channels
Save videos for offline viewing
Create playlists to curate the video world
Manage your library to keep track of the content you love
Watch channels broadcast live
Share content you love across social media

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Dailymotion: Explore and watch videos APK reviews

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James Patterson review James Patterson
Most of the stuff is old news.
Mohamad Al Karbi review Mohamad Al Karbi
My private videos are not playing on Chromecast. The best competitor for YouTube with high performance
Ryan H review Ryan H
Basic Features Missing
I'm moving over here from YouTube because it's a sinking ship. Where are some of the basic features that YouTube has had for years though? Why can I not change my picture on mobile? Why can I not see the comments section? Why can I not see the amount of subscribers a user has? Why am I not able to change my username and am stuck with whatever email I signed up with or the name on my Google/Facebook account? I don't want people seeing my full name or email whenever I leave a comment on a video.
Aryadeep Auddy review Aryadeep Auddy
Previously the app was going well. But, suddenly it sticks into a position where it says 'Something Went Wrong'. And from then on, whenever I open the app, it shows me repeatedly that message(even if the internet connection is on). It's boring and disgusting!!! All apps and websites going well except this. Please do something! Otherwise this app is very good without this problem.
Tick Tick Boom! review Tick Tick Boom!
Everything time I try to use the damn app, it kicks me out and repeats this stupid message. "Unfortunately, Dailymotion has stopped." I literally can't even use this app. It is BEYOND annoying. If you're gonna get a good review from me, find a way to fix it... PLEASE!!
brandon hodges review brandon hodges
App sucks doesn't let you watch TV shows. When clicking on a show it gives you another link that takes you to another website where you have to complete surveys to watch an episode. Such a waste of time!
Raja Honey review Raja Honey
Great ,can still be improved
Really loving new features such as minimize and background play but the one thing we all want the most is #CONTINEOUSPLAY & KEEP PLAYING IF LOCKED OR SOME SORT OF LOCK THAT PREVENTS OPTING OUT BY MISTAKE. THANKS. PEACE.
Vitali R. review Vitali R.
Damn but when you really want to watch something that is only uploaded in Dailymotion... And the app just sucks balls. There are no other words to express my experience with it.. Please improve the viewing experience.
LeeLee B review LeeLee B
Unable to screen cast
I can't screen cast videos I'm watching on this app to my Xbox. I can screen cast with YouTube and Netflix, so I know it's an issue specific to this app on my phone. Also, after having a video paused for about 5 minutes, it will automatically start playing again on it's own. It would also be nice if when you've accidentally closed a video and have to reopen, it could start from where you left off
Lydia Sinclair review Lydia Sinclair
Freezing every time I use the app. Uninstalled and Installed a few times used the app everyday for months now i cant.. The over use of the exact same ad is ridiculous, every 3 min an ad Drives me crazy.. At lease make the ads the same volume level it's brutal when the ad is 10x louder than the video
Shahbaz Shafi review Shahbaz Shafi
Syancing problem
Its irritate when vedio syanc if syanc is done again its not play without internet and during syancing its close downloading and show only estimating rubish.its old version is better. Now your team copying youtube style so annoying
TheLD3H review TheLD3H
Does not even launch, stuck at the splash screen forever. The only dialog that ever popped up was the one to rate this app in the play store, which is what I just did...
Chris Cromwell review Chris Cromwell
doesn't work
can't load any videos on my Nexus 5, Nexus 6P or Gpad 8.3.
Victoria Barrera review Victoria Barrera
too bad! bring back the old one
everything is not good except that the video can be move to the bottom right like youtube. i cant follow many people. i cant see if the video im syncing is processing or not. i cant search if im not in the home.
Kev Hol review Kev Hol
Not playing videos on galaxy 4 phone
WILL NOT PLAY ANY VIDEO ON GALAXY 4 PHONE.have great Internet service.please fix!!!