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ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app.

* Notice *
- If you cannot find the widget, then please read the FAQ below.
- When you're finished using the notepad, an automatic save command preserves your individual note.

* Product Description *
ColorNote® features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option. Add as many as you want to your master list, which appears on the app's home screen each time the program opens. This list may be viewed in traditional ascending order, in grid format, or by note color.

- Taking a Note -
Serving as a simple word processing program, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can edit, share, set a reminder, or check off or delete the note through your device's menu button. When checking off a text note, the app places a slash through the list's title, and this will be displayed on the main menu.

- Making To-do List or Shopping List -
In the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you'd like and arrange their order with drag buttons activated in the edit mode. After the list is finished and saved, you may check or uncheck each line on your list with a quick tap, which will toggle a line slash. If all items have been checked, then the list's title is slashed as well.

* Features *
- Organize notes by color (color notebook)
- Sticky note memo widget (Put your notes on your home screen)
- Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list. (Quick and simple list maker)
- Checklist notes to get things done (GTD)
- Organize your schedule by note in calendar
- Write a diary and journal in calendar
- Password Lock note : Protect your notes with passcode
- Secured backup notes to SD storage
- Supports online back up and sync. You can sync notes between phone and tablet.
- Reminder notes on status bar
- List/Grid View
- Search notes
- Notepad supports ColorDict Add-on
- Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm, All day, Repetition.(lunar calendar)
- Quick memo / notes
- Wiki note link : [[Title]]
- Share notes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter

* Online backup and sync cloud service *
- Notes will be encrypted before uploading notes by using the AES standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.
- It does not send any of your notes to the server without you signing in.
- Sign-in with Google or Facebook.

* Permissions *
- Internet Access: For online backup & sync notes
- Storage : For backup notes to the storage of the device
- Prevent phone from sleeping, control vibrator, automatically start at boot: For reminder notes

* FAQ *
Q: How do you put a sticky note widget on the home screen?
A: Go to the home screen and hold down your finger on an empty space and choose widget, Color Note will then be desplayed so you can stick on the page.

Q: Why don't the widget, the alarm and notes remider functions work?
A: If the app is installed on the SD card, your widget, reminder, etc. will not work properly because Android doesn't support these features when installed on an SD card! If you have already moved the app to an SD card, but want those features, then you have to move the app back on the device and reboot your phone.

Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Color Note - Move to Device

Q: Where are backed up notes data on the SD card?
A: '/data/colornote' or '/Android/data/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note/files' on SD card

Q: I forgot my master password. How can I change it?
A: Menu → Settings → Master Password → Menu Button → Clear Password. You will lose your current locked notes when you clear the password!

Q: How can I create todo list note?
A: New - Select checklist note - Put items - Save. Tap an item to strikethrough.

ColorNote Notepad Notes APK reviews

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Yogi Kumar NKG review Yogi Kumar NKG
Very good app
Very good app. Just one thing is missing. I can't sync it with my desktop notes. I would have loved it had it allowed me to access and sync with my desktop notes which I can access offline too. Just a suggestion. I think this is very good feature
Richard Kurtin review Richard Kurtin
Color Note
Works well. Syncing is great as long as you keep devices synched. Would be nice to have a revert button for those times when things go sideways with your plan and you realize the edits you just made are stuck with your last edited piece
shreya jakhotia review shreya jakhotia
Nice but a problem
The app is very good but can't we have a send notes 'Via Bluetooth' option??? That option will be very usefull. Thank you.
Shu Az review Shu Az
It's just easy my job everyday. Ilovey using it bcoz as a student i need alot of work to do and it make me feel so easy to handle my day.
Arvin Soriano review Arvin Soriano
Suggestions for the next update
1. Search option improvements (e.g. I searched for the word "milk" in my checklist and there are 30 items in that list, I like to find the "milk" in the list instantly without scrolling down) 2. I want to know how many items are there in my checklist (e.g. #of Total Items, #of checked items, #of unchecked items). This would make some good improvements if implemented by putting an "info" option about the note. Please inform me if you can or will implement these options thank you ColorNote
ELizabeth Adams review ELizabeth Adams
Great app!
08/30/15. Still use this daily. Syncs to all android devices. (05/25/2013 Use it all the time. Shopping list, copy stuff off internet, to do notes that I can place on panel to remind me. Can't remember all this app does including backup, but even though I use MS OneNote, this app will let you cut, copy and paste from all or most apps, where I can't get OneNote to work together. I also have private info password protected so that if my ph gets stolen and before I do "Where's my Droid" the info is secure and unreachable.
Rea Hensel review Rea Hensel
Love it!
The best program, color options, able to copy to text msg, does everything a super busy person needs to keep track of all their to-do lists!
C Arch review C Arch
Love the app. I use it as a grocery list, a reminder to order my workout supplements, jot down notes when I don't have a pen and paper handy, able to lock important notes that I don't want lost. Just awesome!
yohanna valerio review yohanna valerio
This app is sooooo handy. I tend to forget things very easily and this app helps me keep track of all the things I have to do so I don't forget them. Very easy to use and very handy.♥♥♥ it
Altering Current review Altering Current
An app that's been with me for years
The star rating of this app speaks for itself so I'll just share my experience. I've had bad luck with phones but thanks to the sync feature of color note all of my notes have been saved. Some are even memories, such as what my dad was eating and his vitals and things I was logging when I visited him at the hospital 4 years ago. Now that he's gone they are memories that remind me of him. At this point I'll take even bad memories like this because they take me to a place to when I was with him.
J Kim review J Kim
I put a sticky note widget on the home screen so that it displays thoughts and reminders. But after 5.1.1 update on Nexus 5 couple days ago, the widget takes up space on the screen but it is transparent, blank and unresponsive, rendering the widget useless. I am sure it is compatibility issue and hopefully it will get fixed soon.
Alicia Ziff review Alicia Ziff
Quick & handy note app
I use this Post-it style note app just about everyday for lists, jotting down numbers, taking down measurements, list of films that I want to see, memos to self...etc., etc. There are lots of note apps out there, but this one is clean, simple and fast!
Tink Tinker review Tink Tinker
Love it
I'm a planner and this is the planner for me. I usually like to hand write my plans but i lost a highlighter to my color coded planner and things just got crazy very quickly Lol. But as far as electronics go... It's great.
Jennifer Baxter review Jennifer Baxter
Useful as $#%&
This sticky note app is by far my favorite way to keep track of anything I needs, be it a grocery list or random ideas that pop into my head. I've yet to have it crash, mess with my phone/iPod/tablet or randomly erase something, which has unfortunately happened in the past with other apps. Its color coded pages are easy to use and keep track of what I label as important which, in itself, is a major plus!
brendan campbell review brendan campbell
Only single review I've felt compelled to write
It's free, it's designed perfectly, and it works. Most importantly, the devs have been absolutely unobtrusive with ads and rating requests. Can't say how much that is appreciated. Thank you. Love automated backups, would love a setting for periodic exported backups to google docs or gmail. Thanks again for the great program