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Welcome to Chronus, a set of flexible and stylish Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets for your Home and Lock** screen.

All Chronus widgets share the same highly optimized back-end services, making it the perfect, single replacement for many of the other stand-alone widgets on your device. This ensures your system will use less CPU, data and battery while still providing you with rich information.

Features (All versions):
• Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash, Pixel+, Pixel2+, News, Tasks and Weather Widgets
• Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components
• Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, Dark Sky and weather providers
• Weather, Calendar and Tasks notifications
• News Feed panel with built-in RSS sources and "Read it later" using Pocket
• Tasks widget supports Google Tasks
• Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
• Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding
• Backup and restore widget settings
• Add any two (2) DashClock Extensions in the Flex and 'Dash' widgets
• Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions
• Android Wear support and a basic Chronus Wear watchface
• Can be used as a weather provider for CyanogenMod, LineageOS and derived ROMs

Pro Features (In-app purchase):
• Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast) and Stocks)
• Additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)
• Additional Tasks providers (Microsoft Exchange, Evernote and Todoist)
• Many more alignment, style, color and layout options for all widgets
• Set custom Tap actions to launch apps or activities
• Stock Alerts
• Daydream screensaver
• Unlimited DashClock Extensions
• Full Chronus Wear watchface with Google Fit counters and weather forecast

Please note:
1) Details on the Permissions we use are available at
2) You can choose to use one or all of the features, those not used are completely disabled and use no system resources
3) **Lock screen widgets are only supported on Android 4.x and with 3rd party lock screen apps on Android 5+

While Danny Baumann, Jorge Ruesga and I wrote most of the widget, credit also goes to the many translators as well as other contributors such as Nicolai Ehemann and Matt Booth for the languages and features they have contributed.

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Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets APK reviews

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Kester Spindler review Kester Spindler
Great app
Great app. Love having the clock and alarm, calendar and weather all in one place.
don t review don t
Crazy thing
I discovered quite by accident, that while in my pocket, when bumped the right way, my phone case would turn on the screen and movement of the phone in my pocket would move the Widget or make it dissappear. Sorry folks. New case-no more problems.
Jordi TARRAGÓ review Jordi TARRAGÓ
It would be nice to keep a record of the locations...
Jan Bucko review Jan Bucko
Loved it
Ed Vin review Ed Vin
Must have widget!!!
Totally worth it! Works great on CM 12.1 gti9505. Please add an option where we can change the clock font. That would be great!!
Nicholas Gabriel review Nicholas Gabriel
Best home screen widget by far
Simple clean design works great and love how you can read full articles and get full forecast without leaving your home screen. The sliding news notifications are cool too. A must download app imo
Botond Kakucs review Botond Kakucs
Please make variants like 5×1 5*2...
Josie McDonald review Josie McDonald
the clock is nice and works fine but when i have the option for weather set to the devises location service the widget sits there loading and when i try to put in a custom place it wont even recognise my suburb, closest thing it gets is the city... which is no where near me!
Kapota Reddy Mallu review Kapota Reddy Mallu
The Best in Play store
Simply the Best clock and weather widget on play store.
João Miguel Tabosa Vaz Marques Silva review João Miguel Tabosa Vaz Marques Silva
The app is amazing... love the icons and features.
Atte Lukkari review Atte Lukkari
Weather widget worked fine for week or so, then decided to skip using GPS for location and decided that I live in Port Moody (halfway around the globe). Now seems to randomly switching between real places and Canadian places (while living in Europe), gave up and just using custom location.
XtremeGamer C review XtremeGamer C
The best
Amazing app looks great
Jagdeep Singh review Jagdeep Singh
Help plz
How i can set widget on lock screen??
Ruben Campos review Ruben Campos
The clock/weather app I've been longing for years. Even if it has some settings you can only change in "pro"
Stephan Hendriks review Stephan Hendriks
Low price for a beautiful clock widget,