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Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle
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Install Fusion Lifecycle on any of your Android devices and get even more out of the next generation cloud based Product Lifecycle Management alternative. The app’s features include:
The Dashboard - Stay on top of status and work with quick access to your Outstanding Items, Recent Items, Reports and Pinned Items.

Workspace Data – Make sure the whole team is always connected wherever they are with access to an instantly updated single source of “the truth”.

Workflow – Eliminate bottlenecks in your processes by letting task owners perform approvals and other workflow actions the minute they are notified, regardless of where they are.

Change Management – Take control of change as it happens by responding to Change Requests in real time and instantly initiating and communicating Change Orders. Understand the what, where, and why of every change by viewing a record of the complete change history and approval process.

Attachments – Improve your team’s understanding of products, assemblies and components by quickly and easily capturing and attaching images with your camera or from your Gallery whenever and wherever.

Reports – Improve decision-making by accessing custom and shared easy-to-understand reports charts, and graphs.

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Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle APK reviews

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Shahin Shahul Hameed Rauthar review Shahin Shahul Hameed Rauthar
mmmm nice apl
Dr. kyaw Kyaw review Dr. kyaw Kyaw
Dr. Kyaw
very nice!
Matthew Alley review Matthew Alley
Can not view attachments
This app gets 1 star until it has the ability to download attachments. I have apps to view 3d models, PDFs, all of the MS Office suite, etc. How am I supposed to approve changes if I can't view the proposed changes? I gave kudos to the feature request on your ideastation. I will change the rating to 5 stars once I have access to the attachments. Thx.
Peyman Roohzade review Peyman Roohzade
خیلی خوبه ولی یکم کند هست خیلی روان نیست
Patel Raj review Patel Raj
eager to use
asking tenant name.what to do please help
Ujjwal Ramteke review Ujjwal Ramteke
Good one
Hassan Miremad review Hassan Miremad
It is simple and so can easily assign your ideas.tnx
Chad Smith review Chad Smith
Slow performer
App is generally good, but it's quite slow when traversing data. It would be nice if data was locally cached to speed things up, i.e. make it more snappy.
Mirlin Fans review Mirlin Fans
Saqib Dar review Saqib Dar
Awesome i got promosion
karim khademi review karim khademi
Mike Watkins review Mike Watkins
On the go workflow
Easy way to respond to my change order approvals while travelling
benyamin akbarzadeh review benyamin akbarzadeh
Ali61 Doroodian review Ali61 Doroodian
عالیه دوستان
Mehdi Beglaripour review Mehdi Beglaripour
Very nice
Thak you so much