123D Sculpt+ APK

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Create fantastic 3D sculptures with Autodesk 123D Sculpt+
Design your creation, then add detailed features or paint on skin, fur, feathers. Whatever you imagine. Export your finished sculpture as an image or 3D model and 3D print into a real sculpture!

• Create or sculpt anything - creatures, spaceships, vehicles, props and more directly on your device in full 3D.
• 3D texturing and painting lets you apply your own photos directly onto the surface of your model
• Easy to use yet extremely powerful skeleton builder makes creating 3D objects as easy as drawing a stick figure.
• In-app 3D print ordering allows you to turn your digital sculpture into a real physical object delivered to your door
• Export sculptures as OBJ files with textures for use in other 3D tools such as Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max.
• Browse the community to get inspired and remix sculptures made by other users, and share your own original creations.

123D Sculpt+ APK reviews

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Morteza Ghorbani review Morteza Ghorbani
Worst app ever doesnt let u do anything horrible there is 460 mb i never see again
minty slushy review minty slushy
Frank Bentivoglio review Frank Bentivoglio
Awesome app
As somebody who does CG on my computer at home this is an amazing app to have. I can basically model stuff on the go now. The app runs great, no glitches, nice and clean ui, and it is amazing the amount of things you can do. But I have to say Autodesk always has great apps, so I was not surprised that this one was as well seeing what a big company they are. Great job guys 5 stars well deserved.
Joy is too kawaii to hug on review Joy is too kawaii to hug on
Slow and storage eater
It goes slow when i try to pose the model and plz make it less storage im running out of storage
Luca de Ioanna review Luca de Ioanna
Can no longer publish models not like others. Server error.
Mohammed Abdullah review Mohammed Abdullah
Good game but stops when making dragons
moustashe Ninja review moustashe Ninja
It's great but if keeps crashing its getting to the point where I can't open some sculptures :(
Sarah Gray review Sarah Gray
Great app but
Benny Essex review Benny Essex
OK but
It keeps crashing and getting slow plz fix this
Tyreese Brewster review Tyreese Brewster
Good app but it keeps shutting off
Samantha Samuels review Samantha Samuels
I haven't been able to post any of my sculptors for a while, the app glitches a lot and most of the time when the crashes I lose a unposted sculpture! PLEASE fix on my ASUS MEMO Pad 8
Latt Vines review Latt Vines
Pretty cool
Lasha Tavberdze review Lasha Tavberdze
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeed it
Graito Padmonobo review Graito Padmonobo
Force close
Force close in Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
vinay arora review vinay arora
I have spent a lot of time in downloading it,wasted my data for this app but it crashes all the time in samsung galaxy tab 4 please fix.